Minutes of April 24, 2014 Meeting

Grace Agnew, Katie Anderson (co-chair), Stephanie Bartz, Natalie Borisovets, Joseph Deodato (guest), Mary Fetzer, Bonnie Fong, Tom Glynn (recorder), Kerry O'Rourke, Tibor Purger, Jane Sloan, Li Sun, Bobbie Tipton (co-chair), Natalie Wadley

1) The agenda was adopted without revision.

2) Some amendments to the March minutes were discussed. Final minutes will be posted shortly and we will vote on them in Sakai.

3) Food and Drink Policy

This is a continuation of an agenda item from last month's meeting. Some of the members reported back on discussions in their units regarding a revision of our food and drink policy. Currently our policy states that drinks must be kept in spill-proof containers and that food is allowed only in designated spaces in the Libraries or at library-approved events. After extended discussion, there was support for a revision that would allow food in the Libraries, provided no users nearby complain about it. Some members noted, however, that this would essentially be a nonpolicy, because students are unlikely to complain about others' food. Regardless of the policy we need to make clear who will enforce it. Some members stressed that we should all enforce it and for that to happen, we all need to be comfortable with the policy.

4) BrowZine

Joseph Deodato reported on BrowZine. BrowZine is a mobile application that would allow our users to browse and read journals by subject or title on an iPad or a tablet. There are additional features, such as creating a bookshelf or sharing with other readers. It does not host content, but rather just makes it easier to browse full text that the Libraries provide. The annual fee is based upon FTEs and we would probably pay at the top end of the scale, $7,000 per year. It would require time and staff on our part, uploading our A to Z list to them. The committee decided this was too expensive, that it would benefit a relatively small number of our users and that BrowZine is an app better suited for sale to individuals rather than libraries. It was suggested, however, that we ask Ebsco if they would consider developing a similar product for their A to Z customers.

5) Scheduling Software for Public Spaces

Tibor Purger led a preliminary discussion of this topic. The libraries are considering the future of BookRoom and we want to be able to act once a decision has been made. We are considering two approaches, using Drupal and using Zimbra. Right now the focus is on Zimbra. Tibor wanted to know what features we would like to see in a new system. The Instructional Community of Practice (ICOP) has discussed this and wants a system that would generate attendance statistics for instruction. Tibor said that Zimbra may be able to do that. It was noted that BookRoom is already used to generate a list of public events on the display monitors in some of our lobbies; contact IIS if you have questions about that. OIT is working on a separate project that would allow students to reserve study spaces. Tibor will demonstrate the Zimbra option at our next meeting.

6) Report of the AUL for Digital Library Systems

Grace Agnew reported that we will be participating in a Wikipedia project with six or eight other academic libraries. It will have two parts. One part will be "seeding" Wikipedia articles with references from Articles+, RUCore and elsewhere. The subject on which we have chosen to contribute is "diversity across the disciplines." Seeding the articles will involve sharing our A-Z list with Wikipedia. Encyclopedia articles will be seeded based upon an algorithm. The second part will aim at engaging with the Writing Program's Research in the Disciplines classes in order to enhance students' understanding and appreciation of authoritative scholarly sources. Students will be able to log into a Rutgers portal wherein the links we have added to the encyclopedia articles will be clickable. The project will involve appointing a Wikipedia editor as an (unpaid) virtual visiting scholar. Grace encourages all librarians to become involved in the project.

7) Report of the Director of Integrated Information Systems

Tibor Purger reported that we will soon be implementing a new, unmediated trouble ticket system. Faculty and staff will be able to submit their own tickets rather than relying necessarily on a Unit Computing Specialist to do so.

The Planning and Coordinating Committee has asked IIS to develop a platform for faculty and staff webpages. These pages will include such information and material as areas of expertise, lists of publications and liaison responsibilities. They will be self service. Cabinet will develop policies regarding, among other matters, who should have such a page and the content that may be included.

8) Announcements

ICOP has submitted a response to the draft ACRL information literacy framework.

The search for a director for Dana Library is ongoing. There will two more candidates in May. Their presentations will be made available.

The New Brunswick Library Faculty will be discussing reorganization in the coming months.

Yu-Hung Lin will replace Li Sun as the appointed representative for Technical & Automated Services on the Users Services Council.

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