Minutes of May 22, 2014 Meeting

Grace Agnew, Katie Anderson (co-chair), Stephanie Bartz, Natalie Borisovets, Andrea Cuervo, Joseph Deodato, Mary Fetzer, Bonnie Fong, Yu-Hung Lin, Kerry O'Rourke (recorder), Cathy Pecoraro, Fernanda Perrone, Tibor Purger, Jane Sloan.

The agenda was adopted.

March minutes approved via poll.

The April minutes were approved with two changes 1) removal of the recommendation for a task force on the Food and Drink policy and 2) clarification on the Book Room discussion.

Scheduling Software for Public Spaces - T. Purger

Tibor reported on D!bs, a software product that facilitates self reservation for study rooms. LSM and at least one other library will pilot the product this summer. If the evaluation is positive the service will be expanded this fall. The D!bs training video will be posted on Sakai.

A discussion on enhancements to BookRoom and scheduling and displaying will be scheduled for a future USC meeting.

Katie Anderson reported that the Camden campus is implementing a scheduling and reservation system campus wide. Reservation kiosks will be installed throughout campus that will also display schedules. Web cams are also being installed to facilitate taping of lectures. RCIT is spearheading the initiative and will host lecture videos. The Camden Library will benefit by getting reservation kiosks and web cams in study rooms and the classroom.

Wikipedia project - G. Agnew

Grace Agnew provided a progress report on the Wikipedia project that was first reported in the April USC minutes. Rutgers is one of eight universities participating in the Wikipediaproject.Wikipedia is interested in working with universities to "salt" Wikipedia content with peer reviewed articles and also to improve content by bringing new viewpoints to the site. Rutgers has chosen to focus on the topic of diversity. RUL librarians and staff will be evaluating the depth and authoritativeness of diversity topics in Wikipedia. Lily Todorinova and Yu-Hung Lin are leading the project for RUL. Yu-Hung Lin provided details on the project.

The first phase of the project is to ascertain how Rutgers undergraduates use Wikipedia for their scholarly information needs. Lily and Yu-Hung Linwill report on Rutgers Libraries findings atthe ALA meeting. The URL for the session is: http://ala14.ala.org/node/15776

In the next phase of the project RUL faculty and staff will work with two Wikipedia editors, Karl Bunday and Daniela Mejia. RUL faculty will evaluate current content on the topic of diversity and identify gaps in coverage. RUL electronic resource content will be added to topics to improve the scholarly utility of Wikipedia. Issues relating to authentication are still being discussed.

LibGuides 2 - J Deodato

A new version of LibGuides has been released and is available when RUL chooses to opt in. The new version offers new layout options, new content boxes, mobile capabilities, etc. The LibGuides 2 migration timeline was distributed at the meeting. Configuration (May/June), clean up existing LibGuides (July/August), training (September/October), migrate existing content (November/December) and launch new guides January 2015. There are currentlyover 900 guides and approximately 100 authors. Authors need to weed content that has not been updated and review guides that have low usage to see if they are still valuable. A weeding policy for LibGuideswill be established by the working group. There is some content that won't automatically migrate including feedback boxes, recommend a link box, and surveys. Scaffolding the three types of guides (research, subject and how to) may be useful to our users. Currently only the LibGuide working group members have access to LibGuides2. Joseph will create a single dummy account for non working group members to look at new guides.

AUL & IIS Director Reports

Grace Agnew -

VuFindwill be implemented for discovery level in our catalog.VuFindwill assist users in finding our electronic resources. It uses a split screen and provides options to filter by format. The plan is to go live January 2015. The product is very intuitive so little training will be needed.

Launching both LibGuides2 and VuFind at same time will be a challenge. We will reassess launch times as we progress with both projects.

Tibor Purger -

Library Faculty Profile Page: The libraries will be launching an enhanced profile page for library faculty.The new site will be demonstrated at the Faculty meeting on June 6. The enhanced site includes many types of boxes (experience, publications, etc). PlanCo agreed that the top two boxes should be standardized but other boxes can be unique. The information in the grey box comes from Human Resources and includes picture, title, library address, etc. The new faculty profile site will be shown at next faculty meeting in June.

PC reservation accounts: PC reservation accounts will be cleaned up. There are fourteen thousand registrants, many of which are duplicates. Many accounts have not been used in year. Old accounts will be systematically removed, starting with accounts that have not been used for 5 years. Once those are removed then those not used for 4 years will be removed moving down to 2 years and not used.


Cathy Pecoraro reported that DTS is working on 856 cleanup for 'UMDNJ only' links. Ovid and EBSCO accounts are no longer linked through RBHS SFX. The last database to be removed from SFX is PubMed. Free databases from legacy UMDNJ are being moved over to the database page.

Springer authentication problem is causing confusion to both our users and RUL staff. We are getting access to things we don't subscribe to. The problem is being addressed by Springer.

Next Meeting

June 26 meeting is cancelled. The next USC meeting will be in July with the new council. End of year status goals will be emailed during June. July's meeting will focus on creation of goals for the new year and selecting co-chairs. Katie thanked everyone and encouraged those remaining on council to consider co-chairing as her term with USC has ended.

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