Minutes of August 28, 2014 Meeting

Grace Agnew, Stephanie Bartz, Natalie Borisovets, Rebecca Gardner, Tom Glynn, Melissa Just, YuHung Lin (co-chair), Christine Lutz, Cathy Pecoraro, Tibor Purger, Jane Sloan (recorder), Roberta (Bobbie) Tipton (co-chair), Dana teleconference : Bonnie Fong, Elizabeth Surles, Robeson teleconference: Zara Wilkinson

1. Welcome

Welcome to new member Christine Lutz, NJ Regional Studies Librarian and Head of Public Services, representative to USC from Special Collections. Agenda approved.

2. Minutes approved

3. READ Committee Update

Natalie reported as chair. The committee (Natalie, Bonnie F., Tom G., Vibiana C., Jeff Teichman, Chiaki Mills, and Pam Hargwood) is now studying the questions documented last December 3-4-5. All AAL, including Chat, Special Collections, IJS, Reference and Access desks were combined and de-duped leaving a total of 745 questions. The questions were discussed for the purpose of common understanding of the READ scale: Level 1 - least amount of effort, no expertise. Level 2 - more effort, minimal knowledge, such as call # queries. This effort to determine the level of any particular question has been time-consuming, and changes in technology led to changes over time in the Level of the question. The committee is now in the process of revising the READ scale for our purposes.

4. Draft PC policy statement

Guest Joe Abraham and Tibor led discussion on this policy to purge community borrowers from the system on an annual basis. Discussion resulted in a final policy statement posted the next day. It will appear on the public pc's and on the FAQ's for each reference desk. Also mounted on Sakai USC resources page under August 28 meeting.

Policy Statement for Management of Patron Records on Public Computers:

"If you are unable to login with your username/password, or would like to update your registration information, please speak with a library staff member. In order to protect the privacy of our guests and the security of our computer systems, public computer accounts will require re-registration after one year."

5. Marketing Committee Branding Survey

Guests Christine Wolff, and Rose Barbalace made a presentation titled What do they think of us? RUL Brand Assessment Survey. It described the methodology, survey design, overall results, and next steps regarding this effort. They distributed a draft brochure and described the phasing out of our former slogan "the place to go when you need to know". Our new brand involves a user-centric focus described by a list of positive words gathered during the survey, and individual units can tailor it as they see fit.

6. Discussion of goals

Bobbie led discussion on our outcomes, indicators, and status for end of 2013-14 and also activities for this year 2014-15 (see accompanying charts). Specific to Objective A, "Evolve Liaison roles and responsibilities to meet the emerging needs of the university community," there was much discussion and a broadening of the concept. How do we transform practice? And how have our activities in this area changed practice? Specifically how can this year's activity of "ongoing training on special topics for RUL librarians" be focused on a specific outcome, rather than "increased awareness of new tools and trends in librarianship." Everyone agreed that it would be best to have the projected training workshops articulate new content or practice from our own institutional point of view, but it was not clear how to achieve this in practice. USC will consider this perspective when planning what sessions to sponsor.

7. HathiTrust Update

Melissa reported on the charge for a public services task force to assess the impact of membership in HathiTrust, especially regarding access services and preservation. There are also technical issues regarding NetID access for the site. RUL will be gaining access in the next few months, so a report will be due this Fall.

8. Adjournment

Meeting was adjourned at this point in the agenda, so that selectors could attend another meeting.

Minutes: Maxymuk, Sloan, Bartz

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