Minutes of January 22, 2015 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz, Natalie Borisovets, Joseph Deodato, Bonnie Fong (recorder), Rebecca Gardner, Tom Glynn, Melissa Just, Yu-Hung Lin (co-chair), Christine Lutz, Kerry O'Rourke, Cathy Pecoraro, Jane Sloan, Elizabeth Surles, Roberta Tipton (co-chair), Zara Wilkinson (remote), Tao Yang (guest)

1. Approval of the Agenda-All

Agenda was approved.

2. Approval of Minutes

A minor change was made by B. Fong. Minutes were approved with amendment.

3. HathiTrust Task Force Report

T. Yang presented a PowerPoint, "Enhancing Library Services with HathiTrust: HathiTrust Public Services Task Force Progress Report," describing the work that the Task Force has done and plans to do in the future. General information about HathiTrust was shared, from its history and mission to statistics about its content. The somewhat complicated 3 categories of access to HathiTrust content were also discussed - i.e., works that partners can download, works the general public can download, and works that can only be searched.

The HathiTrust API is currently being tested in VuFind and there are still a number of questions about HathiTrust that are being investigated concerning discovery, content access, ILL, reserves, collection management and preservation, government documents, service for users with print disabilities, pricing model, promotion, documentation, and more.

Yang shared recommendations from the Task Force for increasing the visibility of HathiTrust on the RUL Web site, such as adding HathiTrust to the indexes/databases list (already completed), cataloging it as a database (already completed), adding it to the "Find - Books" page and possibly the "Find - Journals" page.

The question of adding HathiTrust titles to the RUL catalog came up. One concern is that we're approaching our current Sirsi records limit and going beyond that limit will require us to pay a lot more. Another concern was that if we link to items for which full-text is not available to our users, then that will result in user disappointment.

There are plans to provide training to librarians and users on HathiTrust.

Jeremy York, Assistant Director of HathiTrust, will be visiting Rutgers on February 24th to give a lunchtime talk. All are encouraged to attend his talk and ask questions about HathiTrust.

4. New Media Team charge

J. Sloan shared an updated Media Team charge. Some edits had been made to make some parts of it more generic so that it would still remain relevant over time. The plan is that AULs and directors will be contacted for recommendations for members of the new Media Team. The charge will be brought to the Library Resources Council next, then to Cabinet.

5. ICOP Status Report

R. Tipton summarized the two group discussions ICOP had concerning the new ACRL Framework for Information Literacy in Higher Education. There were differing opinions, with one group happy that the new framework will allow room to reimagine information literacy. The other group was very concerned with the speed at which the Task Force wanted to sunset the current standards. They felt it would make more sense to keep the standards (after all, standards are what accrediting agencies look for) alongside the more philosophical framework. The open letter written by the VALE Shared Information Literacy committee that was posted on listservs and discussed nationwide shared the latter group's sentiment. Another area of other concern with the new framework is assessment since the frames are difficult to assess.

The question of whether Rutgers is required to follow ACRL's new framework came up. While it is not a requirement, the Assessment Report submitted for Middle States must indicate what our assessment is based on and it is best if we based it on a nationally accepted set of criteria.

Thus far, the ACRL Standards committee and the ACRL Information Literacy Standards committee have approved draft #3 of the framework. The ACRL Board is next. The last opportunity to provide feedback about the framework will be during an open meeting on Saturday during the American Library Association (ALA) Midwinter Meeting.

6. International Programs Task Force

M. Just introduced a draft charge for an International Programs Task Force that would be responsible for studying how RUL might support the library needs of international Rutgers programs. Task Force membership is expected to consist of members of the existing NBLF Global Studies Team as well as representatives from across RUL in disciplines reflecting those of the international Rutgers programs.

Potential limitations to access of resources were discussed, including the unlikelihood of RUL sending books abroad, governmental restrictions, firewalls, the lack of (high-speed) Internet, and perhaps even the lack of electricity.

7. AUL & IIS Director Reports

M. Just announced a partnership with the Office of Disability Services that will result in an Assistive Technologies Lab in what used to be the Electronic Resources Room in the Alexander Library Reference Room. The Learning Center is also interested in participating and will provide software for the computers in the Lab. The Lab will be staffed by someone from the Office of Disability Services during limited hours and that person will convert course materials into a digitized format for students who have a need for it, as per their registration with the Office of Disability Services. However, the Lab itself will be open all hours that the Library is open. Anyone can use this space. In fact, the name of the Lab will likely be changed to reflect this and to be less stigmatizing. The Class of 1950 provided funding towards this initiative and the plan is to have completed converted the space within 6 months. Computers currently in the Electronic Resources Room will be relocated to another area of the Alexander Library.

M. Just also reminded the Council about the introduction of the new Text Messaging Notification Service. Barry Lipinski recently sent out an e-mail about this.

8. Announcements and Committee Updates

J. Deodato pointed out that Rutgers records are no longer showing up on the public WorldCat.org site since our cancellation of FirstSearch. Mary Beth Weber will be meeting with OCLC during the ALA Midwinter to discuss this.

N. Borisovets pointed out that access to the current issues of the New York Times is now only available via Factiva. The Council was reminded that Factiva allows for up to 16 users at a time.

T. Glynn pointed out that WestlawNext has an interface that is easier to use.

9. Review and Future Agenda Items

The HathiTrust Task Force will likely return in March with another update.

The charge for the International Programs Task Force will be revised and sent to us for approval.

10. Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 12:04 pm.

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