Minutes of February 26, 2015 Meeting

Agnew, Borisovets, Croft, Deodato, Fong, Gardner (recorder), Glynn, Just, Lin (co-chair), Lutz, O'Rourke, Pecoraro, Purger, Sloan, Sterback (guest), Tipton (co-chair), Warwick (guest), Wilkinson (remotely).

1. Approval of the Agenda

The agenda was approved after a couple of typos were fixed.

2. Approval of the Minutes

The January 22, 2015 minutes were approved with minor changes.

3. Media Team Reporting Structure Change--Sloan and Just

The media team charge was revised slightly to include "format changes" and "rights" in the first paragraph which discusses the collection development and management policy and framework. The charge was approved at LRC and is now ready to go to cabinet.

4. Update on Article+ --Deodato

J. Deodato demonstrated changes to the Articles+ results page that were made following usability studies. Among the changes are: no more federated searching, the removal of the column on the right side, chat widget replaced with the chat tab and a "recommendations" placard added to the bottom of the page.

The recommendations placard was discussed in detail. The purpose is to suggest Libguides and individual databases for further research on a particular topic. When a topic is searched in Articles+, Libguides will also be searched and the top five will be displayed as additional resources to explore. However, the widget is currently matching on any words in the free text of all of the libguides, so the most relevant guides are often not retrieved. We could try having the widget match only on specific subject tags or keywords, but this means that we'd need to assign tags to over 600 Libguides. A topic searched in Articles+ could also retrieve suggested individual databases, but as it only retrieves the top five alphabetical databases, they are rarely the most relevant. Instead, USC suggested simply having one sentence that would say something to the effect of, "Also consider searching our subject specific databases located at: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/indexes. The decision was to keep the "recommendations" placard but to work towards matching tags to suggest Libguides and to use a simple sentence that points to the Indexes and Databases page for databases.

Joseph also asked for input on two default search options in Articles+. 1) The search mode default is currently set to "Boolean/Phrase". Changing that default to the "Find all my search terms" option may retrieve better results for combination phrase searches, which is typically how students search as they often enter all their words into one box. 2) On the advanced search screen, the "Also search within the full text of the articles" expander is set as a default. This default may retrieve too many results. Comparisons will be made using this default, and not using it, and USC agreed to endorse whichever choice brings the most relevant results. (Although this is the default in Articles+, it is not the default in our other Ebsco databases. The other Ebsco databases only search the author, title, abstract, etc. fields, not the full text. Whichever choice is endorsed for Articles+ will then be standardized on all Ebsco databases.)

Deodato asked when these changes should be implemented and USC recommended changing in May, with an announcement to RUL_everyone.

5. VuFind Status Report-Purger

Gracemary Smulewitz and Tibor are chairing the VuFind task force. A URL to the test catalog was posted so that USC can experiment with VuFind. The test database contains 200,000 titles from our catalog. Bob Warwick demonstrated the customizations incorporated so far. Some features are: open source book jackets, facets for format, genre, language, etc. in the left column, vernacular searching and vernacular displays along with Roman language. 856 fields in journal records will look quite different. The site will change constantly as the team adds records, makes improvements, and tweaks it. Comments and feedback are welcome. The goal is to have our full catalog in VuFind by April 1st and to go live by September.

6. International Program Task Force Update-Just

The charge was updated following recommendations from USC last month, and will now go to cabinet. There is an online/distance education task force forming and that task force may overlap somewhat with this one.

7. AUL and IIS Director Reports-Agnew, Just, Purger

Just: Although recently advertised as such, the libraries do not offer ProctorTrack (an online proctoring software system). Melissa sent an email to RUL_everyone with instructions as to how to handle inquiries as they arise. ProctorTrack will also be discussed at the University Senate.

Purger: Some public PC's are still running Windows XP. His group is looking at the possibility of adding hardware to make them run better. TAS does not have the funds to purchase the hardware, but asked USC if the council thought it was worth pursuing. The added hardware would enable us to keep those machines for another couple of years. Tibor will give Melissa an estimate of cost and they will see if there is money available anywhere.

8. Announcements and Committee Updates

Pecoraro: Cathy and others attended a Webinar that demonstrated a community based knowledge base for representing journals holdings in a catalog. Each institution would take the journal titles they offer from a particular publisher and put them into a shared knowledge base. Holdings could then be standardized for all. They are just beginning to investigate this-it may eventually be tied into OLE, etc.

Lin: The March USC meeting is cancelled due to conflicts with ACRL, the Columbia Library Symposium and spring break.

Glynn: Francesca Giannetti has started a teaching blog at ruteaching.blogs.rutgers.edu

9. Future Agenda Items

Leslin Charles and Megan Lotts discussed events assessment at a recent Planning and Coordinating Committee meeting and they would like to bring the discussion to USC. There may also be a READ scale update.

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