Minutes of April 23, 2015 Meeting

Agnew, Bartz, Borisovets, Charles (guest), Croft, Deodato, Fong (remote), Gardner, Just, Lin (co-chair), Lo, Lutz (recorder), O'Rourke, Pecoraro, Pilch (guest), Surles (remote), Tipton (co-chair, remote), Weber (guest), Wilkinson (remote), Yang (guest)

1. Approval of the Agenda

The agenda was approved.

2. Approval of Minutes

The February, 26, 2015 minutes were approved.

3. HathiTrust Task Force Report

Tao Yang first reviewed the task force's origins and progress to date. All working groups of the task force have met or will soon meet, and they hope to wrap up work in June with the final report and recommendations ready in July or August. Tao noted the low response rate to the follow-up survey for the "Rutgers, Please Meet HathiTrust" event. Those who did respond were library faculty and staff who reported that the event as "satisfied" and "very satisfied" and that they use HathiTrust primarily for work, with some teaching. It was inferred that librarians are not ready to teach HathiTrust. A discussion ensued over the survey returns being so small that they could not really provide any worthwhile information. The suggestion was made to hand the survey out at the event in the future. Tao noted that the groundwork is now laid for the Training, Documentation and Promotion Working Group. Tao also asked the USC to amend the charge of the Task Force by adding the sentence "The task force will also make recommendations for implementing and sustaining this work after the task force is dissolved." Amendment was unanimously approved.

Janice Pilch presented the Investigative Report Working Group report. The report reflects the work that needs to be done to implement HathiTrust. Janice pointed out that some issues are internal and others are focused on those who provide public service. She highlighted the following points:

Tao emphasized that this is still a work in progress and solicited USC for feedback. It was suggested that the disability services staff member in Alexander might be the person to coordinate print disability work. It was mentioned that a library staff member needs to sign the print disability services agreement. Janice suggested it would work best to have someone from the library and the disability services staff member partner. It was pointed out that Disability Services is not centralized, and Janice said that all Rutgers University Disability Services will be informed and coordination will occur. The group again discussed the necessity of making a concerted effort to get more and better feedback using surveys. The USC endorsed the work of the task force to move forward and Melissa Just thanked the task force for their hard work.

4. Events Assessment

Leslin Charles representing the Undergraduate Experience Team. Leslin presented a review of the team's October 2014 presentation. Discussion ensued around the question "Why do we care about events at RUL?" Are there events that can be measured, are certain goals trying to be achieved? There are library events that are hard to measure (for example Club Alex) but go a long way towards fostering identity and student goodwill. Should they consider students who leave the library during events as well?

There was concern from Newark and Camden that their strategic plans have different goals than New Brunswick's strategic plan. There is a meeting coming up with Newark and Camden regarding a new form for assessing events, etc. and a USC task force will be created that includes all four sites. In the context of a related discussion on what is assessment vs. measurement, Leslin emphasized that the Undergraduate Experience Team is currently in an information-gathering stage and assessment is their ultimate goal.

5. Quick Online Instruction Materials

Mei Ling Lo demonstrated a slide show of common library terms for Chinese students that she used as part of international student orientation. Sam MacDonald and others assisted her in creating this tool that can be used by those with Drupal accounts. Mei Ling spoke briefly about how to use the "slideshow tutorial editor" and noted that the best way to work is to create slides in PowerPoint, saving them as .png files, and then uploading. It was brought to the group's attention that LibGuides already have a carousel ability and that it is easier to use. Also, .png files are problematic as far as accessibility. It was strongly recommended that this sort of work be done in LibGuides. An assessment will follow before USC approves the wider use of this tool.

6. Unattended Articles

Just: the need for a policy stems from an incident at Dana when a guard placed unattended items behind the desk and an upset student asked to see the policy. Melissa presented a statement to the group. After discussion some language was changed but Melissa will speak with the director at each university location to see how they handle this situation before moving forward.

7. AUL and IIS Director Reports

8. Announcements and Committee Updates

9. Review and Future Agenda Items

No discussion of items 7-9 due to time constraints.

The meeting was adjourned at 12pm.

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