Minutes of May 28, 2015 Meeting

Grace Agnew, Stephanie Bartz, Natalie Borisovets, Janet Brennan, Bonnie Fong, Rebecca Gardner, Tom Glynn (recorder), Melissa Just, Christie Lutz, Cathy Pecoraro, Tibor Purger, Jane Sloan, Elizabeth Surles, Yu-Hung Lin (co-chair), Bobbie Tipton (co-chair)

1. Agenda

The agenda was approved with one amendment. Item number three below was added.

2. Minutes

Minutes of the April meeting were approved via a poll in Sakai.

3. New Representative for Arts & Humanities and PlanCo- All

Jane Sloan is the Arts and Humanities representative on the council and the council's representative to the Planning and Coordinating Committee. She is retiring and today is her last day. We decided that, since there is only one meeting left this year for both groups, we won't arrange a replacement. Yu-Hung Lin will represent the Council on PlanCo for the rest of the fiscal year.

4. Implementing LibGuides 2- Stephanie Bartz

Springshare rolled out a new version of LibGuides last spring. It has a number of new features, including a mobile- friendly capability and new page layout and navigation options. The LibGuides Working Group has been meeting to plan the implementation. They have created a LibGuide (libguides.rutgers.edu/libguides2) with a timeline, FAQ, task checklist and links to Springshare videos. There will be training sessions on June 17, 24, and 26. Certain types of content boxes will not migrate and will have to be reformatted or removed before the migration. Content will be frozen on July 14 in preparation for migration on July 15. The new site will go live on August 3, but the old site will remain accessible for three months.

5. Annual Goals Review- All

The Councils goals for 2014-15 and their current status are as follows:

1) Sponsor training on special topics for librarians Status: Two sessions have been completed and two are scheduled. We will continue this goal, pending the approval of the new council, next year. Suggested topics included big data, open access, and digital humanities. It was recommended that we include assessment of the events and perhaps create an evaluation form.

2) Reconstitute the Media Team with a new charge Status: The charge has been written and approved. Melissa Just is working on constituting the team. It should be appointed by the end of June.

3) Implement READ Scale to collect statistics at our service points The READ Team has revised the READ Scale for use at Rutgers and collected examples of questions that have been assigned READ numbers. Next year the Team will recommend a platform to record READ (Gimlet is READ compatible) and, pending the council's approval, begin training on all campuses.

4) Review the addition of My Library Account to our mobile web services Status: Implemented and reviewed.

5) Review and evaluate Articles+ Status: Completed. The council approved some recommended changes from Joseph Deodato in February. Next year Articles+ will be folded into VuFind, so that discovery will search across all of our resources.

6) Implement VuFind Status: Work on VuFind is proceeding according to schedule. There will be a "soft landing" in July and August that will probably include a link to VuFind from the homepage. It will be available on the homepage in September.

7) Provide feedback from users on HathiTrust implementation and review the benefits of HathiTrust regarding long-term curation and availability of the scholarly collections Status: Completed.

Tibor Purger suggested that, as a goal for next year, we revise our Ask-a-Librarian service. For example, Springshare has a platform we could use that is available on mobile devices.

6. Nominations for Chair or Co-Chairs, 2015-16- All

After some discussion, it was decided that we will submit our nominations in June, when we will have the names of the new colleagues who will be joining the council. It was noted that in the past a tenured co-chair and a non-tenured co-chair has worked well. Tom Glynn reported that the Planning and Coordinating Committee will propose a change to our by-laws in November whereby only tenured faculty can serve as chairs or co-chairs. There were some objections to this proposal, in particular that leading a council is a valuable service opportunity for non-tenured and non-tenure track colleagues.

7A. Report of the AUL for Digital Library Systems- Grace Agnew

Grace is working on a major big-data project, the NSF-funded Ocean Observatories Initiative, with Manish Parashar, a full professor in Computer Science (http://oceanobservatories.org). It will go live in the fall.

Grace has joined a new committee in PALCI that will be exploring technical developments for the future.

7B. Report of the AUL for Research and Instructional Services- Melissa Just

Zara Wilkinson, Ann Watkins, Roberta Bronson Fitzpatrick, Megan Lotts, and Leslin Charles have been appointed to a task force to make recommendations regarding events assessment. As a first step, they are currently working on a LibGuide.

RUL and Facilities have issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) for a master space plan for the libraries. We received eight submissions and they are now being scored according to a rubric developed by Facilities. We don't as yet have funding for this, but are hopeful it will be provided by the university chancellors.

7C. Report of the Director of Integrated Information Systems- Tibor Purger

In the wake of the recent "denial of service" attack, we are reviewing security procedures and updating software. We will be upgrading a Windows 2003 server.

We are consolidating shared drives at Kilmer, Chang, and LSM to save money.

Robert Wood Johnson workstations have been added to the Rutgers domain. This will simplify things for our RBHS colleagues; they will no longer have to log in to their computers twice.

We will be receiving a free replacement of our Cisco videoconferencing servers. It will be more secure. It will also allow us to call into a teleconference by phone. We are also investigating a desktop option.

The Digital Humanities Lab is moving forward. Five iMac computers have been installed. During July and August, the lab will be made available on request and attended by James Hartstein and Francesca Giannetti. Beginning in the fall semester, authorized users will have access with a swipe key.

8. Announcements

Cathy Pecoraro: DTS is working on the holding of the Physics Library, which is scheduled to close at the end of June. The books that won't be deaccessioned will go to the Math Library and the Annex.

DTS is in the process of finalizing invoices for databases for this fiscal year.

We are taking part in the Mellon-funded GOKb project (gokb.org). Participating institutions will create a global, shared knowledge base that normalizes serial title lists from publishers. Among other benefits, it will improve our interlibrary loan service.

Bobbie Tipton: The Instructional Community of Practice (ICOP) will meet in June and discuss possible changes in our policies now that ACRL has officially adopted its Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education.

Melissa Just: An ILL Data Analysis Task Force has been convened. It will review our ILL practices in light of the CONTU "Five and Five" rule, which states that a library can obtain for free thru ILL no more than five articles, less than five years old, from the same journal in the course of a calendar year. Currently, we subsidize requests for articles beyond "five for five" up to forty dollars. We could consider subscribing to journals for which there are many such requests.

Janet Croft: The School of Management and Labor Relations (SMLR) library will be closed in the summer for renovations.

Microforms, Imaging Services, and Preservation will move and share the space in the basement of Alexander Library recently vacated by Distributed Technical Services.

Elizabeth Surles: Will present a SAPAC talk today on "Current Music Description Practice in the Context of DACS."

9) Co-chairs Yu-Hung Lin and Bobbie Tipton presented Jane Sloan with a certificate of heartfelt appreciation for her service. Jane is retiring and has been a valued and respected on the council for many years.

The next User Services Council meeting is scheduled for June 19.

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