Minutes of July 23, 2015 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz (recorder), Natalie Borisovets, Janet Croft, Joseph Deodato, Roberta Fitzpatrick, Rebecca Gardner, Tom Glynn (for Melissa Gasparotto), Melissa Just, Yu-Hung Lin (chair), Mei Ling Lo, Christine Lutz, Aletia Morgan, Tibor Purger, Elizabeth Surles, Zara Wilkinson

1. Approval of the Agenda

The agenda was approved as distributed.

2. Approval of Minutes

The poll for approval of the June minutes has been posted.

3. Introduce new members

New members include:

There was a round of introductions of all those in attendance.

4. Nominate Committee Co-Chairs & PlanCo representative

Yu-Hung Lin is continuing as chair/co-chair for another year. He opened the floor for nominations to the position of co-chair. Rebecca Gardner, Janet Croft, and Roberta Fitzpatrick all expressed interest in the position. Since a representative to the Planning & Coordinating Committee is also needed, Roberta volunteered to represent USC there and take herself out of the running for co-chair. Yu-Hung will set up a Sakai poll so that USC members can vote to determine whether Rebecca or Janet will be the co-chair for 2015/16. The poll will be open for one week.

5. Events Assessment Task Force status report

Zara Wilkinson and Roberta Fitzpatrick presented an overview of the work of the Events Assessment Task Force. The group has broadly defined "event" as "a public services activity that is not already recorded as either reference or instruction." They've further broken events down into three sub-categories: orientations, outreach, and partnerships. The current plan is to work with IIS to develop a modified version of the existing BI stats application for use in recording events across all campuses. The fields to be included in the form are still under discussion, but a mock-up is expected to be ready by mid-August.

This first stage of the project is about gathering data. Phase 2 will likely incorporate assessment. The database may also become a resource that will provide information for people who are trying to create and plan events.

6. Transformation of New Brunswick Libraries public services

Melissa Just provided an overview of the recent and ongoing changes among the New Brunswick Libraries Faculty and the Research and Instructional Services staff who are based in New Brunswick/Piscataway.

The New Brunswick Libraries have been officially reconstituted as a unit that brings the staff and faculty back together under one umbrella. Three departments are being established within the New Brunswick Libraries.

The reporting structures remain the same, but the new departmental overlay will provide opportunities for new initiatives as well as more interaction between staff and faculty.

The next step will be to determine the makeup of each department and establish a leadership team. The department heads have been identified and will be announced once a staff representative to the leadership team has also been identified. The hope is to have everyone in place and the structure set by September 1.

The document that describes the plan in more detail will be shared with USC.

7. AUL & IIS Director reports



7. Announcements

Lo: The group looking at room reservation options is setting up a trial for LibCal, the Springshare option. The trial should be completed by mid-August. Group study space policies are also being looked at with an eye toward simplification and standardization. There will likely be a report to USC in October.

Deodato: All LibGuides have been migrated to the LibGuides 2 platform. Guide owners should be reviewing and updating their content. An email message was sent out earlier this week with some basic information and instructions on how to get help. LibGuides 2 is expected to go live on August 3.

Croft: Access Services partnered with EOF to distribute textbooks to students. There were a few small glitches, but the rollout was successful. The partnership will continue.

Lin: There have been changes in Central Technical Services. Matt Gallagher has left to take another position and Catherine Sauceda has been hired as the Music and Special Collections Cataloger.

8. Review and Future Agenda Items

The next meeting is scheduled for August 27. Yu-Hung will send out a list of meeting dates for the rest of the year and send meeting invitations through Zimbra. There was a discussion about changing the time for USC meetings, but it remains 10:00 am to noon for the foreseeable future.

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