Minutes of October 22, 2015 Meeting

Grace Agnew, Stephanie Bartz, Natalie Borisovets, Joseph Deodato, Roberta Fitzpatrick, Rebecca Gardner (co-chair), Melissa Gasparotto, Melissa Just, Yu-Hung Lin (co-chair), Mei Ling Lo, Christine Lutz, Aletia Morgan, Kerry O'Rourke, Cathy Pecoraro, Tibor Purger, Elizabeth Surles (recorder), Zara Wilkinson

1. Approval of the Agenda-All

The agenda was modified to reflect the order below. M. Just moved to accept the agenda, K. O'Rourke second.

2. READ Committee Report-N. Borisovets

The six-point Reference Effort Assessment Data (READ) was being piloted at Alexander and Kilmer libraries, and the pilot was going well. The plan would be to compare questions and the ratings later in the semester in order to measure the consistency of ratings being entered. This will generate focal points for future training sessions on implementing the READ scale at other RUL locations. The pilot results are currently being entered into Gimlet, which is being discontinued soon and will likely be replaced with a CAS-compliant statistics platform in conjunction with the implementation of LibAnswers, the software recommended by the Ask a Librarian Task Force.

3. Ask A Librarian Platform Task Force Report-N. Borisovets

  1. N. Borisovets distributed a report on behalf of the task force. She reported on the task force's recommendations that RUL adopt LibAnswers so that web-hosted RUL services become CAS-compliant. Their report included an evaluation rubric based on RUL's existing system along with desired additional features, but they found only LibAnswers is CAS-compliant, so the other platforms under consideration were rejected. LibAnswers has all of the highest priority features in addition to being CAS-compliant. One area the task force had not yet reviewed was LibAnswer's user accessibility. N. Borisovets will come back with more information on its user accessibility at the next USC meeting.
  2. J. Deodoto demonstrated LibAnswers and reported on features ranging from its ticketing system to filtering and notification options, noting that LibAnswers offers more features than our current "Ask A Librarian" services.
  3. The cost for both LibAnswers and LibChat would be $3500, with an additional $500 for a dedicated RBHS queue. M. Just added that RefChatter and Gimlet together cost around $270 less per year than LibAnswers and LibChat would cost in total, which is not a very significant difference.
  4. The decision was for the task force to turn into an implementation group and move ahead immediately. No RFP for the platform is warranted at this low cost, so LibAnswers would be launched before Christmas, and LibChat in the spring. The implementation team will consist of the original members of the task force (Borisovets, Bartz, Deodato, Ghajar, Lipinski, & McDonald) as well as Yuhwei Ling and Christine Lutz. The team will develop a plan to roll out all of the features according to a timeline. They will not be required to complete all the training, but should guide the process. The last decision made was to add a queue in LibAnswers for SC/UA/IJS.

4. Group Study Room Reservation Report-M. Lo

  1. M. Lo reported on the group study room task force, which started two months prior. She indicated that Camden has their own room reservation system, so her report applies only for Dana Library and New Brunswick units. The system is LibCal, CAS-compliant and another Springshare product, like LibAnswers, LibGuide, and LibChat. The cost is relatively inexpensive at $1500 for 50 rooms. The pilot system currently includes 35 rooms. RBHS has not yet decided whether to use the system, but the cost would not increase were they to do so. M. Lo demonstrated the interface and mobile display, which would be reviewed by the Office of Disability Services to evaluate the system's accessibility.
  2. The next steps would be to pay for the platform, set up the logins for RUL users, fine tune a few features, and move from the trial to production version. The decision was to move forward with implementation, with funding coming through M. Just.

5. Update on RefChatter Task Force-M. Just

The charge for the RefChatter task force would be changed to look more holistically at the chat service. Chat service may become a stronger foundational element of RUL reference. At next month's meeting, a task force will be charged to look at chat more robustly-not the software-but the service itself. M. Just will talk to all directors before the next USC meeting about the task force and potential changes and come back with more information.

6. LRC/USC Joint Task Force on E-Book Collections-M. Just

The task force is looking at EBSCO and ProQuest (150K volume collections) and will make a recommendation about which one to pursue. The task force includes R. Gardner (Chair), Z. Wilkinson, L. Palumbo, J. Sauceda, and E. Sosnowksa. The charge was approved by LRC already but the request is for USC to also give approval. T. Yang is reviewing funding, which will be reallocated to help support e-book purchases without impacting approval plans, The task force would generate a report by the end of the year. USC approved the charge for the E-Book task force.

7. VuFind Implementation Team Update-M. Just

Feedback on issues with the VuFind implementation had been requested but not a lot of feedback was given. The implementation team had a process in place for looking at issues and prioritizing them with a timelines for fixes. The list is published in read-only format and available by logging in to with a net ID at http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/vufind-progress. Around 4-5 issues were being reported per week, with a resolution of around 3-4 per week. Most issues would not have been identified pre-implementation, and the process for making improvements is working well.

8. IIS Director Report-T. Purger

  1. The Rutgers-wide transition to Office 365 (Microsoft Exchange) for email will be implemented more rapidly than originally thought, with 75-80% of faculty/staff planned to be switched by June 2016. RUL was submitted as a candidate for an early transition. OIT is first on the list. The transition is being handled by an outside firm that migrates approximately 100 users per day. RBHS will be the next unit to transition, and Cabinet would discuss whether Smith Library's email should be with RBHS or RUL.
  2. A meeting was scheduled with the Information Security Protection Office and ID management office in connection with CAS and what services need to be protected with this authentication. The outcome of the meeting will be reported as relevant and will serve as a springboard to start working on wider CAS application. IIS has long list of services that may be affected.
  3. Almost all of the public PCs are now running Windows 7, except for the 2nd and 3rd floors of the Math Library. Kilmer's shift was pushed back a week because of staffing issues. By Thanksgiving all public PCs will be running Windows 7. Guest wireless access at RUL will be addressed next.
  4. G. Agnew added that IT security is at the forefront and the process of addressing security issues at Rutgers is generating a lot of work for each IT department. A survey had been completed and demonstrated that RUL's IT security is better than Rutgers' average. As the process continues, some of the issues will probably come before various committees; disaster recovery and business continuity plan will be part of the work.

9. AUL Reports-M. Just and G. Agnew

  1. G. Agnew reported that the VALID joint ILS was moving ahead with some seed money from Library Link. There's a specification for how the universal borrowing is supposed to work, and VALE has put universal borrowing at the top of the list. The interest is in a service that would be applicable across the state, with libraries being responsible for costs based on their user counts. Rutgers would start to go through the process by November 18th with NJIT and Rutgers Newark serving as the test case, pending additional discussion with C. Askew. Universal borrowing will open up more opportunity for shared collection development.
  2. M. Just reported that WorldCat was reintroduced, but in slightly modified form. Cabinet had passed on the SWOT analyses and priorities list to PlanCo, which will be shared widely as soon as PlanCo provides feedback. The priorities will help shape the discussion of future action. Four areas have been coalescing in the priorities list, including library support for undergraduates, further investigation into the library's role in research activities at Rutgers (especially in view of RCM), the role of special collections and unique resources at RUL, and an internal rethinking of workflows to make clear how work gets done and how decisions get made.

10. Announcements and Committee Updates

There were no announcements or committee updates.

11. Review and Future Agenda Items

  1. The LibAnswers task force would become an implementation team, with a few new members, to implement LibAnswers and LibChat and to consider any issues with accessibility.
  2. The LibCal task force will continue as planned.
  3. The creation of a task force for chat was approved by USC.
  4. The VuFind implementation team progress and issue report is available for review. Please continue to provide feedback.
  5. IIS Director report:
    1. Changes being made to email server, public PCs, security, and guest wireless accounts.
  6. VALE universal borrowing was being developed and will likely be piloted in Newark.
  7. WorldCat available again; progress on SWOT/priority list
  8. November meeting moved up to Friday, November 20th.

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