Minutes of December 18, 2015 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz, Natalie Borisovets, Leslin Charles, Janet Croft, Joseph Deodato, Roberta Fitzpatrick, Rebecca Gardner (co-chair), Francesca Giannetti, Melissa Gasparotto, Melissa Just, Yu-Hung Lin (co-chair), Mei Ling Lo, Aletia Morgan, Kerry O'Rourke, Cathy Pecoraro, Tibor Purger, Elizabeth Surles, Zara Wilkinson

Approval of the Agenda-All

Discussion of the Proposed Policy on Proctoring Exams and Study Halls will be moved to the future meeting. Because this meeting will be focused on preparing a statement for PlanCo, the AUL and Director reports may be postponed or distributed via email.

Events Assessment Report-Events Assessment Task Force (15 min)

The Events Assessment Task Force (Charles, Fitzpatrick, Lotts, Watkins, and Wilkinson) shared their recommendations that RUL should create a means by which we can track events, thus facilitating future assessment. The Task Force recommends a database modeled after BIStats, which would allow RUL faculty and staff to enter information about events. This information could then be included in RUL and unit annual reports as appropriate.

Just will take the Task Force's recommendation to the Directors. She also noted that the Directors will now have a monthly meeting to coordinate public services across the system.

Purger shared plans for an events calendar on the website. The calendar is ready and will be deployed when it has been populated with real events. This calendar can include public non-RUL events that happen in the libraries, as right now we have no way to track or publicize them.

Posting Brochures and Flyers Policy (vote) and Proposed Policy on Proctoring Exams and Study Halls- J. Croft (10 min)

Croft presented policy for brochures and flyers that acknowledges the need for local practices. Policy was approved.

Final SWOT priorities for USC-M. Just and All (15 min)

The SWOT analysis that originated in Cabinet was presented for review. A similar exercise was undertaken in PlanCo but no major changes were made. The SWOT notes whether individual items came from RUL infrastructure, directors, or IJS/Special Collections. Many items were shared across several locations or units. In particular, Just noted a lot of shared weaknesses (internal factors).The same process was done with the priories. RUL has since identified four more immediate priorities that supersede these, although many of the items on Cabinet's original list fall under those four as well.

Review and discussion related to special Planning and Coordinating Meeting regarding the future of the Councils-All (30 min)

PlanCo has asked USC, LRC, and CSC to each prepare a statement that will guide broader conversations about the structure of RUL and the work of its faculty bodies. The deadline for this statement is January 20, a week before the next PlanCo meeting, so the co-chairs will prepare a draft after this meeting.

Just shared thoughts on what the directors might need or want from a body like USC. The current structure can be seen as disenfranchising the directors who are not AULs (and therefore not members of the Councils), as they don't have any say in the discussions and decisions. They have representation on the Councils, but for many reasons that representation is not always adequate. A new structure could address this, as well as clarify who USC makes recommendations *to* - whether to an AUL, the Directors, or Cabinet. The other main consideration is that USC cannot assign work or hold people accountable.

The conversation was guided by the following questions: Why does USC exist? What can USC offer RUL? Who should be on USC? How could USC function effectively? Major topics of discussion follow:

Access Services & IIS Director Reports-J. Croft and T. Purger (10 min)


AUL Reports-M. Just and G. Agnew (15 min)



Lo: Shared marketing for LibCal study room reservation system, which will be launched on Jan 12.

Borisovets: Joseph will be leading LibAnswers training on Jan 6 @ 10AM and Jan 7 @ 2PM.

Borisovets and Gardner: LibAnswers is ADA compliant for the user but not for the operator.

Giannetti: There are Digital Humanities workshops planned in New Brunswick for the spring. An email will be going out this afternoon.

Just: The master space plan for the libraries has begun. RUL will be meeting with architectural firm to develop a calendar and schedule.

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