Minutes of June 17, 2016 Meeting

Grace Agnew, Stephanie Bartz, Leslin Charles, Janet Croft, Roberta Fitzpatrick, Rebecca Gardner (co-chair), Melissa Gasparotto, Melissa Just, Yu-Hung Lin (co-chair), Mei Ling Lo (recorder), Christine Lutz, Aletia Morgan, Cathy Pecoraro, Lily Todorinova (guest), Zara Wilkinson

1. Approval of the agenda


2. Discussion of the future of USC membership and preliminary discussion regarding election for chair or co-chairs

Lin shared the results of the RULF Straw Poll dated June 10, 2016 regarding the future of USC and LRC. Just indicated that she wants to have venues to discuss issues and give input to decision-making. She also wants to include other directors' input. USC members like the idea of having ad hoc working groups that are given specific charges.

The next meeting for USC is July 28, 2016. USC will continue the current format until we find out how the new steering group will take shape and will postpone the election of a chair or co-chairs. Just will convene the group and request the agenda for next meeting.

3. Web content suggestions

a. E-textbook web page:

The Libraries have been tapped by President Barchi to implement a pilot grant program to foster the use of open textbooks at Rutgers. The program will offer $12,000 in competitive grants to university faculty members to help redesign their course materials to include open educational resources. A web page for faculty to apply for the grants and to raise their awareness about open textbooks will be available. Having consulted with McDonald, Todorinova proposed having a box or an area on the RUL web site that is dedicated to open textbooks. It is suggested that the box be placed underneath the chat window. It will have graphic content that directs faculty to the open textbooks services. USC endorsed the idea of having the page for open textbooks. Giving a prominent location aligns with the strategic goal of the University. Hopefully, this idea will be implemented by the end of summer. It will also be accessible on the RUL reserve page and other locations such as the page for Faculty services. After the prototype is created, Todorinova will solicit feedback.

b. Service desk hours

It was brought to the USC that many questions via phone are related to hours, reserve items, and book renewals. Since reference desk has shorter hours, it would be appropriate for the circulation desk to act as a triage for those questions. It was agreed that on the web page of Service Desk Hours, http://libraries.rutgers.edu/desk_hours, the section related to circulation desk will be displayed before the section related to reference desk. Gardner will ask McDonald to make the changes and then notify Croft when the changes are done.

4. Discuss the faculty borrowing privileges

Occasionally a few users may reach the checkout limit of 240 books. Croft reported that many CIC libraries have already removed the limit for faculty checkout. USC recommends that starting from the Fall semester of 2016, Access Services remove the limit for faculty and staff checkout. The limit for undergrad and graduate students will remain at 240. Croft will consult with the staff of Access Services regarding this recommendation.

5. Access Services report

Croft reported that ALEX and LSM have longer hours this summer. The hours for Douglass and Art have also been extended. The staff vacancy at Douglass will be filled.

6. AUL for RIS report

Just thanked both Gardner and Lin, the co-chairs of USC for their excellent work and service.

Meeting adjourned at 10:45 am

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