Streaming Instructional Video Working Group: Charge

The creation of the Streaming Instructional Video Working Group (SIVWG) is the result of growing interest and experimentation in developing point-of-need instructional videos for users, and the importance of developing expertise within the library system for creating the videos. The purpose of the group is to: (1) share information, expertise, and creativity to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency in developing instructional videos; (2) identify and prioritize instructional video projects as needed; (3) identify and forward issues for the User Services Council to address; and (4) make recommendations to the User Services Council. The Streaming Instructional Video Working Group consults with other groups in the Libraries. Membership is comprised of representatives from a variety of constituencies within the Libraries, including public services, technical services , and library systems. Meetings are open.

Committee created by the User Services Council in AY2008-2009. The first meeting of the group was August 13, 2009.

Last updated August 14, 2009
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