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General WCMS Articles

Content Management Systems: Who needs them?
Paul Browning and Mike Lowndes
Ariadne, Issue 30, December 2001 [ISSN: 1361-3200]
- Discusses Library Managment System (LMS) and then defines CMS's and their functions and features are.
- Note: FE = 'Further Education'; HE = 'Higher Education'
- ~14 pages
CMS Feature List
Paul Browning
- A table of features and descriptions. Useful for assessing products/solutions.
- ~4 pages
Content Management Systems: Getting from Concept to Reality
Chris Kartchner
The Journal of Electronic Publishing June, 1998 Volume 3, Issue 4
- Discusses 4 main topics: 1) When to Consider a CMS; 2) Components of a CMS; 3) Return on Investment; 4) Barriers.
- ~7 pages
Content Management
Microsoft techNet; Jim Reynolds & Arminder Kaur et al.
- Ignore the Microsoft marketing and e-commerce bias, focus on the bulleted list of issues, functions, and features
- about 4 pages requiring reading
Personalization and Content Management
Metatorial Services
- clearly lists 9 basic ways personalization is done, how the data is collected, and outlines the personalization process
- less than 2 pages
Content Management Systems (see PDF)
Paul Browning and Mike Lowndes
- JISC (Joint Information Systems Commitee), Technology and Standards Watch Reports
- Essentially the same article as their article 'Content Management Systems: Who needs them?' (above) without the initial LMS discussion.
- ~ 25 pages
Library orientated portals solutions see PDF
Andrew Cox and Robin Yeates
- JISC (Joint Information Systems Commitee), Technology and Standards Watch
- Discusses what a library portal is, its functions, products, and developments and assessment.
- A key article.
- ~ 52 pages
Web Application Servers and CMS diagram
- original reference lost
- A useful visual aid to see the relationship between a Web Application Servers and a CMS
'CMS Feature Onion' diagram
- original reference lost
- A useful visual aid showing the layers of the major elements that a CMS might embrace (content integration and versioning, workflow, data repository, user management, user interface, applications, deployment).
Content Management Concepts
Metatorial Services
- Especially useful to read 'Essential Parts of a Content Management System'.
~9 pages
You need a Content Management System
Martin Burns
- a from-the-trenches story with some good suggestions. The comments and links embedded there are worth reviewing.
~3 pages with 4 pages of comments
The Difference Between Document and Content Management
Metatorial Services
less than 2 pages
CM Domain Concept of the Week Archive
Metatorial Services
Read articles that pop out at you (you may have to use Internet Explorer to see all of the concepts)
Content Change Management: Problems for Web Systems
Susan Dart, Dart Technology Strategies
skim this quickly attending to the diagrams, tables and bullet lists
Navigating the Content Management Jungle: A Survival Guide
Barry Schaeffer
What is CMS and why do you want it.
~6 pages
A Powerpoint presentation about a Library CMS(Intranet) project that used ZOPE
22 slides
The Concept of the Portal
Paul Miller
Ariadne, Issue 30, December 2001 [ISSN: 1361-3200]
- A quick overview of what a portal is and common features of a portal. Be sure to see some of the sites/projects in the 'references' section.
- ~ 6 pages
Java Portals (see PDF)
Matthew J Dovey
- JISC (Joint Information Systems Commitee), Technology and Standards Watch
- Discuss functions and architecture of a portal.
- Specifically discuss JAVA as the language, however the article is useful and intersting even if JAVA is not the language you will use.
- See the references for the range of Java solutions/products (open Source and commercial).
- 19 pages
Bulletin of the American Society for Information Science and Technology; Silver Spring, Oct/Nov 2001; Vol.28, Iss.1
Available thru ProQuest..Use IRIS
3 articles on Content Management

Open Source vs. Commercial solutions. AKA 'Buy or build'

Why Getting Laid Off Is Better Than Building a Proprietary CMS
Barry Bealer
~3 pages
Content management systems: short-lived satisfaction
David Walker
Evidence suggests CMS's, in many cases don't deliver what you need
<2 pages
About Salon.coms choice to use OpenSource components
but built their own
using various pieces of Java, PERL and other things
A PDF of Powerpoint slides discussing OpenSource CMS for the ST. Louis Web Developers Organization
15 pages
Outsourcing, Component Development, and Competitive Advantage Trade-offs
Trends Favoring Outsourcing

Selection Requirements/Process

The 10 Critical Elements in Choosing a Content Management Platform (PDF)
Whitepaper by Merant (creators of commercial product: PVCS Professional)
- Counsels against developing your own CMS, however, the features discussed are useful in selecting/reviewing pruducts/solutions.
- core document
- ~ 24 pages
SDSU Rubric for Rating Commecial Portal Vendors [PDF]
Charting a Smooth Course for Portal Development [PDF], James P. Frazee, San Diego State University (SDSU)
CMS Buy or Build diagram
- original reference lost
- A very large digram showing the qustions and issues for deciding to 'buy or build'.
Complete Buyer's Guide Web Content Management Software
In advance of reading the following articles skim this table (very incomplete) and note some of the features, platforms, and costs
Ten Things to Know About Selecting a Content Management System
by Ed Ort (October 17, 2000)
~5 pages
Content Management System Evaluation
Un-credited author at Australian Telescope national Facility
- Part of a set of documents discussing some needs, pruduct reviews and recommendations (build own CMS slowly)
~6 pages
How to evaluate a content management system
~10 pages
Content Management Systems - The Selection Process
Metatorial Services
~6 pages
Untangling Web Content Management - Intranet, Extranet and otherwise
Nancy McCluskey-Moore of NCompass Labs, Inc.
Determining requirements and other issues
~12 pages printed (narrow column)
COLUMN TWO: Content Managment Archives (Blog) (James Robertson)
About 40-50 entries a month not only expounding opinions, but linking to other valuable resources.

OpenSource WCMS Articles

Harmonizing Search & CMS by Carl Sutter,
Making Improvements in Tough Times by Ray Luoma, AKA OpinionWatch: So You Canít Afford a CMS

OpenSource WCMS Information Sites

Open Source Content Management
international, not-for-profit organization with good information and an annual conference.

OpenSource Product Listings

See especially: List of (mostly) OpenSource CMS's
Content Management Design, first draft (David V Rodriguez)
walks through how to write a custom content management system. Code samples (in PHP) and SQL statements are also included.
Workflow Management Coalition Publishes XML Process Definition Language (XPDL) Version 1.0.

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