Minutes of May 10, 2000 Meeting

Ka-Neng Au, Jeanne Boyle (recorder), Rebecca Gardner, Brian Hancock, Dave Hoover, Ron Jantz (chair), Vib Kassabian, Marty Kesselman, Sam McDonald, Steve Perkins, Pat Piermatti
Theo Haynes
  1. Year-end goals

    Ron Jantz reviewed year-end goals set at the April meeting.

  2. Progress reports

    Sam McDonald reported for the Design Group. Internet Explorer 5 proxy instructions were finalized and are available with graphics on the website. New research guides include statistics, mathematics, and computer science.

    Vib Kassabian reported that the Immediate Things Group is reviewing indexes documentation.

    Reporting for the Research Guides Group, Au confirmed the new guides reported by Sam and added that a guide for data is near completion and jazz is underway.

  3. RUL Website Evaluation

    Marty Kesselman reported that the questionnaire had been tested and was ready to be distributed. It was decided that the survey would be launched, with returns due by June 15 to building representatives. Marty will send the master, numbers to distribute, and representative's names to Jeanne Boyle, who will get it printed on brightly colored paper and distributed.

  4. Review of Public Services Policy Memo 10

    Jeanne asked for comments on the draft PSPM 10 (now 9): Communications, which has a section about Web pages. Comments were:

    Reword the second sentence to something like: The pages are designed for use by undergraduates and are intended for use by everyone at the university and low- and high-end users, different browsers and computing platforms, and users with disabilities.

    In paragraph two, leave out "materials on" and change "administered" to "overseen".

    Rewrite paragraph three to: All research guides, service pages, and library/collections pages must reside on the Libraries' primary Web server or other approved servers to allow for standard headers and footers, site-wide searching, and a consistent look and feel compatible with university guidelines. Appropriate directory structures are set up by the webmaster to accommodate all guides, pages, and related images.

    Change the first bullet after paragraph four:to: Corrections, updates, or insubstantial changes or materials for the staff resources pages are sent directly to the webmaster.

    In the third bullet, change "him" to "the coordinator".

    Add the following phrase to the end of the first sentence in paragraph five: or developed at Rutgers and institutionally supported.

    "Web" throughout will be capitalized consistently.

    The Style Sheet will be linked.

    Jeanne will present these suggestions to the Public Services Council.

  5. Search engine for RUL website

    Dave Hoover distributed a handout "Using htdig as a library search engine." It was decided to begin with keyword indexing; to index *.htm, *.html, and *.shtml files; and to rely on descriptive titles for finding pdf files. We will index the www.libraries.rutgers.edu server; rutgersscholar.rutgers.edu will be searchable from the Rutgers Scholar page. It was further noted that htdig indexes text, not html tagging, and that it may not index to the end of large reports. For ranking search results, we may want to have title, headers, and text equal. Having such guidance would be useful for those who create pages. The handout was corrected to note that the installed version of htdig is 3.1.5. Dave and Sam will discuss the search engine more explicitly. WAC will see it at the June meeting. The search engine should be made available during the second summer session in New Brunswick, and the official release will be in the fall. Placement on the pages is to be determined.

Future WAC meetings were set for June 28, 9:30 a.m.; July 26, 9:30 a.m.; and August 16, 9:30 a.m.

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