Minutes of August 30, 2000 Meeting

Dave Hoover, Sam MacDonald, Jeanne Boyle, Rebecca Gardner, Leslie Murth, Ka-Neng Au, Theo Haynes
Brian Hancock, Marty Kessleman, Vibiana Kassabian, Pat Piermatti
  1. Leslie Murtha was welcomed aboard as a new member. Leslie is also on the Instructional Services Committee and will be able to act as a liason between the 2 groups. She also proposed a new page linked from the FAQ that pulls together answers to questions usually asked by new students. Expect a prototype and quick action on this since school starts next week.

  2. Progress Reports

    Design Group

    • A Welcome Icon and message was added to the top level libraries web page. This had been approved at the last WAC meeting.
    • The new RUL Staff page has a link on the bottom of it that points back to the old RUL Staff pages. People were having problems getting to some information on the old pages that had not been moved over yet.
    • Work on the design of the search page for the new htdig search engine. Looking for input from the WAC members on the look and feel of the page as well as more information for the Help section.
    • Discussed Web/Telent issues and changes to the Indexes Page.

    Immediate Things

    • Revised Download and Print Instructions for new remote Ovid and Vale databases moving to Bell and Howell.
    • Proquest discussion ensued. How will the new services work on the Bell and Howell side. Dave reported that BH said that the ability to bypass the database selection screen on their end was broken when they went to version 4.0 of the software. A call is outstanding with them as to a resolution for this problem. We would like to bypass the screen altogether or at least have a specific database choice checked. Right now you only get "All" selected.
    • Would like General links to ABI and Per II to default to search by Word (instead of publication). Investigation into this revealed that only the link that is on the Vale databases page is doing the wrong thing, and it is the result of a change that Rutgers asked of B&H when we first got Proquest Research Library.

    For the indexes page, Sam is going to link to: http://www.etsupp.com/cgi-bin/rutgers/ipcheck1.pl for ABI and CINAHL which defaults to searching by Word.

    When we add the full text journals from these collections to IRIS title records we will use:
    which defaults to searching by Publication.

    Dave will work with B&H and the Vale database list to get the Rutgers links from it to Search by Word instead of by Publication. All other VALE libraries using the VALE DB list are getting Search By Word as the default because they have never asked that the "pqdauto" entry search by Publication as Rutgers has.

    Ovid Disscusion ensued.

    • Will copy part of the remote field guide to get the database descriptions for the new files.
    • Download and Print instructions OK, will check for the new files and full text links in Medline for the Nursing Journals.
    • There will only be one URL on our web pages for each remote Ovid file, even if Ovid's DB list breaks it down seperately.
    • Collapse local Ovid DB list down to "NO LONGER UPDATED" decision will be made tomorrow at Public Services Meeting. Maybe just keep Wilson GenSci, SocSci, and BusPerABs.
    • Search Field guide will basically say that HELP is available form the "HELP" button on the Ovid web search screens.
    • Elimination of Telnet access will be decided at Public Services. Claims were made that the existing Telnet connection on the trials page was not working. Dave will look into this.
    • Publicity machine will be reved up to announce the new Ovid files that will be available remotely, they are: AIDSLINE, BioethicsLine, CamcerLit, Health and PsycoSocial Instruments, HEALTHSTAR, PreMedline

    Research Guides

    • Not much new. Nursing guide half done. Discussion of Ryan Womacks Business Journals Cold Fusion database. Should it be linked to or not ? Maybe only from the Buisness and Economics Research Guides. Questions arose as to frequency of update, maintainence, what value added information is there ? No username/password should be posted ! We have been down this road before with Science Journals, the database died off due to neglect, questions were hard to answer as to where people were trying to connect from when things would not work. We eventually scripted an Alpha list of all Ejournals from IRIS that is automatically updated on a monthly basis to reflect Ejournals changes that have been added into IRIS due to vendor changes/deletions/additions. Maybe we need to look at coding info in the IRIS records better to be able to produce subject lists in the same fashion.
  3. E-reserves note on front page.

    People are not finding Electronic Reserve Information. The top menu
    Items under User Services will be revised as follows :

    • Access to Rutgers Collections
    • Interlibrary Loan
    • Guests and Other Groups
    • Reserve Services
    • Uncover Document Delivery and Reveal

    The User Services page itself will be changed as follows:
    A new section called "Reserve Services" will be added and the "Reserve Services: A Guide for Faculty" and the "Electronic Documents on Reserve: A User's Guide" will be listed under it. This should make the Reserve information stand out more. There was also general discussion that this page may need more revision in the future.

  4. Changing Vale Databases
    • The Vale database cutover is scheduled for Sept 6, 2000. Basically ABI Inform, CINAHL and what was called Periodical Abstracts on the Vale menu will go to B&H remotely.
    • Some confusion arose over the DB list on the B&H side. Jeanne and Dave will talk with B&H and VALE to see why we have so many choices on the remote menu.
    • CINAHL and Full Text Nursing Journals were available on the B&H list, but there was no cross linking between them. Ann Cilibertia (VALE rep) had told Dave that what she was shown as a trial before the purchase was not what was given to all to test. She is foloowing up to see if this can be rectified.
  5. Telnet links - Discussed above, decision defered to Public Services Council.
  6. Search Engine - Sam would really like feedback on the design of the search, results, no match, syntax error, help and advanced pages. Do they look ok, do they explain what users may need to know. Help documantation is needed as Sam does know exactly what users need. Also needed is feedback on do search results get what you want, are they confusing in any way ?
  7. Phase II survey - due to time constraints, this was tabled till next time.
  8. Goals through December - due to time constraints, this was tabled till next time.
  9. WAC SNACK - we found time for this.

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