Minutes of January 10, 2001 Meeting

J. Boyle (recorder), R. Gardner (chair), T. Haynes, D. Hoover, M. Kesselman, S. McDonald, L. Murtha, P. Piermatti
K.-N. Au, V. Bowman, B. Hancock

Rebecca Gardner announced that Constantia Constantinou has joined the group and will begin attending with the next meeting. Jeanne Boyle distributed a list of databases that have been approved for purchase.

A. Reports

Design Group - Sam McDonald reported that the new indexes pages would become live tomorrow. General Science Index and Business Abstracts, both cancelled, have no descriptions. He asked committee members to review the new page tomorrow afternoon.

I'Things - Theo Haynes reported that she has on hand many pieces of the documentation for the new indexes. Dave Hoover reported that he has been asked by Bob Sewell to make all fields mandatory on the networked resource request forms. Since not all fields are always applicable, there may have to be some way to indicate that choice so that forms can be submitted. He needs to get the database name for Biosis from Ovid before we can make it available. There was a discussion of the Trial and Forthcoming Indexes page and the requirement for documentation. Committee members agreed that there is a need for standardization among the various instructions for downloading, emailing, and printing search results. The instructions submitted by selectors have generally been too skimpy to post. It is preferable to have information from the selector than link to the vendor's instructions since the selector can relate the resource to the Rutgers environment. I'Things should continue its oversight of this documentation. It was suggested that I'Things develop more extensive guidelines, or perhaps a checklist, about the documentation needed that could be distributed to all librarians. When a new index is acquired from a producer from whom we have other indexes, the instructions for downloading, emailing, and printing can often be reused, but they need to be tested. Theo will notify Leslie Murtha of same-producer acquisitions, and Leslie will test the instructions. Theo is now getting all networked resource request forms when they re submitted. There is continuing confusion about how the process for making new resources available begins. Jeanne will ask Bob Sewell and Mary Page to tell producers up front that they are not to make any resource available until they are contacted by Bob Terrio. There is also a problem with notification about databases that cease. The Ovid aids and bioethics indexes are now labeled "closed". Dave Hoover will ask Ovid for an explanation.

Research Guides - Sam McDonald reported that there would be a research guides workshop January 26, 9 am - 12 noon. The agenda includes Ka-Neng Au giving an introduction and overview, a panel discussion of creators and users, and Sam reviewing style guidelines, the process, and a tour of such web resources as Cyberstacks. A draft social work research guide by Ellen Gilbert is in process. There was discussion about further publicity for the workshop and topics for additional research guides.

Instruction Liaison - Leslie Murtha reported that a policy document had been completed by the instructional services committee and a program report is in process. The instructional services committee is working on updating the instruction web pages.

B. Report on assessment survey meeting with Samson Soong

Rebecca reported that she and Jeanne met with Samson Soong, chair of the assessment committee. Samson said that our website is good. For assessment, we should concentrate on one section at a time. He agreed with the idea of testing a few people. There was a free form discussion that included the "how to find" information on the Arizona and Georgia Tech. Rebecca recommended that the work Au is doing for eCollege be made available on the RUL website before the assessment takes place. There was discussion about placement of that information and its relation to the FAQ's and user services information. Au's work is ready to demonstrate.

C. Mid-year goals check:

2000/2001 goals

Future meetings were set as follows: 2/7, 3/7, 4/11, 5/9, 6/6


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