Minutes of April 11, 2001 Meeting

Research Guides report:

  1. The Research Guides workshop has been rescheduled for May 11. (postponed)
  2. Hector Perez-Gilbe has been hired as the Life Sciences Librarian at Chang, and is working on the Nutrition Research Guide.
  3. Ron Jantz's Numeric Guide is on the SCC server and will be moved to the libraries server.
  4. The first third of the Research Guides have been link checked.
  5. Veronica Calderhead will work on the Chemistry and Physics guides, after the e-books task force report is completed.
  6. Connie Wu expects to complete the Engineering guide by May 15.
  7. The Africana Studies guide has been correctly retitled the African Studies guide.
  8. The Archeology guide has been renamed the Anthropology guide.
  9. The Business Guides have received the Internet Scout Award.
  10. The Alcohol Studies database was cited by the Digital Librarian.

Instruction Liaison report:

  1. ISG has two new members: Vibiana Bowman and Eileen Stec.
  2. Two new instruction librarians have been hired for Alex and Kilmer.
  3. IS librarians have sponsored Jana Varlejs' students over Spring Break.
  4. The proposal for support of instructional design includes portable equipment, support staff. The report on is the RUL web page under Public Services/Reports.
  5. IS librarians are providing contextual introductions for database training on new resources.
  6. ISG is redesigning the instructional tools web page.
  7. Also ISG is investigating Your TILT and Real Presentations.
  8. ISG held a workshop on web design and on workshop issues; Jeanne Boyle provided the books for this.
  9. ISG is working on a new model for library instruction.

I' Things report:

  1. Sam McDonald will mount the Database Description Template and Style Guidelines for Database Descriptions on the WAC page. Theo will review these once they're up. They will be linked to from the Networked Resources selection forms as well.
  2. A letter will be sent by Rebecca Gardner as chair of WAC to the RUL Faculty list to advise all library faculty of the process for getting electronic resources on the RUL pages.
  3. Once electronic resources are on the Forthcoming page, Theo Haynes will notify the primary selector, and ask for the final version of the Database Description from the primary selector.
  4. Electronic Resources should be in up to 5 categories and up to 10 items should be in a category list.

Design Group report:

OPEC has been interviewed as a possible RUL web-page design consultant, to help with layout and artistic design, with WAC providing the content.

WAC looked at various new RUL top level page designs and made a recommendation of one, with amendments: a) the Submit button might be shifted to the top, and the two columns should begin on the same level. This version will be presented to Cabinet and to Public Services within the next few weeks, for "pre-approval".

The new page should be ready to activate by Fall Semester.

WAC members will study the How Do I's to recommend any additions or corrections.

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