Minutes of June 6, 2001 Meeting

Rebecca Gardner (Chair), Vib Bowman, Jeanne Boyle, Sarah Harrington, Dave Hoover, Sam McDonald, Leslie Murtha, Pat Piermatti

Welcome to new WAC member, Sarah Harrington!

Research Guides report:

Pat Piermatti reported that the Pharmaceutical Guide would be ready for the Fall Semester. Guides for Engineering, Psychology, Chemistry and Physics are under construction.

Instruction Liaison report:

Leslie Murtha reported that Instruction budget items were submitted to Council. Requests were based on a report submitted by ISG to Council in January.

ISG is moving ahead with the redesign of ISG Web Page.

ISG submitted five PROP proposals. The Group is continuing its evaluation of the "Your TILT" tutorial to determine how RUL can utilize it.

Sarah Harrington and Tom Glynn have been appointed as new instruction librarians

I' Things report:

Leslie Murtha reported on the latest data bases moved from trial pages to the main pages. The process continues for the writing of the descriptions and help for new indexes. Sam McDonald will continue to inform faculty via email as the new indexes are listed

Password Protection for the Staff Pages:

Sam McDonald reported that there would be Public and Proprietary components to the Staff Pages. The content managers for these pages have been notified that any material not designated as "Public" will be password protected. The password will be system-wide and will be changed at regular intervals.

Target date for the completion of this project is the beginning of the Fall Semester.

Demonstration of New RUL Home Page by Sam McDonald:

Sam McDonald demonstrated a prototype for a revised RUL Home Page. This can be found at http://www.libraries. rutgers.edu/ rul/ demo (remove the spaces in this url) (demo under discussion is marked with a red asterisk.)

Discussion ensued. General agreement was that the new design is simpler, with better colors, and easier to use. Sam McDonald stated that new Home Page is designed to be used in conjunction with a Site Map (to be constructed.) Comments on the prototype focused on placement of various elements including the use of of-up boxes and pull-down menus. Other versions of the prototypes that Sam had mocked-up were discussed.

Sam will incorporate suggestion made as a result of this discussion and will present WAC with a revised prototype. WAC to meet again on June 27, at the SCC from 9:30 to 11 AM to finalize the page.

Target date for roll out - Fall Semester, 2001.

Meeting Adjourned 11:30.

Respectfully submitted,
Vibiana Bowman
June 7, 2001

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