Minutes of October 10, 2001 Meeting

V. Bowman, J. Boyle (recorder), R. Gardner (chair), T. Haynes, S. Harrington, D. Hoover, M. Kesselman, L. Murtha
K.-N. Au, S. McDonald, P. Piermatti

A. Reports

Design - Rebecca Gardner reported that the group is working on final details for the new look and continues to work with the design consultant.

I'Things - Vibiana Bowman noted that the group needs to review the forthcoming databases list and bring conformity to older index and database descriptions. Quite a few announcements have been sent on to Sam McDonald. Theo Haynes added that the forthcoming list was under control but that such local databases as CRESP and MEMDB need to go on the pages.

Research Guides - Rebecca has asked Ka-Neng Au for an update about the proposed workshop.

Instruction - Leslie Murtha reported that a prototype of the new instruction Web page has been sent to Sam McDonald and is in progress. She will be polling all librarians for class websites to list.

B. Dave Hoover reported on two items:

1) Anyone using http://libraries.rutgers.edu now goes to a redirect page that links to http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu, which is the correct URL for the Libraries', for all levels of pages. Use of the redirect page will be monitored, and he may remove the active link after some time if accesses continue.

2) Students in residence halls are having difficulty accessing library resources because they have been placed into private address space. The first question we should all ask anyone who is getting a log in box is if they are located in a residence hall. Systems is working on resolving this difficulty, but it is complex, and the resnet helpdesk has a backlog. Dorm students need to register their machines at http://resnet.rutgers.edu.

There was discussion about problems with Highwire journals and EBSCO slowness. The Ovid request for password is related to the number of simultaneous users rather than other problems. The recommendation was made that the remote access information be moved higher in the reserve explanation, as, a link from the top of the reserve form rather than buried in the reserve documentation text.

The committee reviewed where the user is directed when there are proxy failures. Currently, failures are directed to the "FAQ: Remote Access to Library Resources. Dave Hoover reported that Natalie Borisovets, Ask a Librarian Coordinator, has composed a new "FAQ: Not Getting Access". Recommendations were: include in the new FAQ who is eligible, add electronic reserves throughout the old FAQ, put the note about remote access on the Indexes & Databases page on the e-reserves page, i.e., "First time Rutgers off-campus users must setup their Web browsers for remote access."

C: Discussion Topic: Subject Arranged Indexes & Databases

Rebecca noted that the alphabetical listof indexes and databases is now so long that the subject arrangement is much more important. She proposed that the subject listings be reviewed. After discussion, it was determined that Rebecca would write to each of the four networked resource evaluation teams and request them to review the listings in their areas. They will be directed to work with the current list of titles and headings.

A rollover on the Indexes & Databases pages could explode subject headings to show subheadings. The design group was asked to study this possibility.

D. More Miscellaneous

Rebecca received a request to move the "Web Searching Tools" page higher up in the site hierarchy. It was noted that the back link on the Web searching tools page needs to be fixed. The design group was asked to study this possibility. It was recommended that all headings in the "Electronic Reference Sources" page be added to the "Site Index."

Jeanne Boyle asked if policies that govern use of our libraries could be linked from a public page, possibly "About the Libraries." She will consult with other AULs and bring a recommendation back.

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