Minutes of Wednesday, March 13, 2002 Meeting

K. Au, V. Bowman, J. Boyle (recorder), R. Gardner (chair), T. Glynn, T. Haynes, D. Hoover, M. Kesselman, S. McDonald, L. Murtha, P. Piermatti

Rebecca Gardner noted the following agenda changes, J. Boyle would be secretary, Research Guides was moved to item two, and indexes arrangement on the indexes pages was added between items four and five.

L. Murtha arrived.

Design - Sam McDonald reported that forms for 103 email addresses using the mailto command have been sent to systems, and the forms would be implemented next week. More than forty staff pages have been updated. SC/UA pages are being updated. Second level headings have been made slightly larger so that there is now room for a third level. The Web of Science database page now has the three related citation databases in the green bar. He is reviewing “myLibrary.” A library merchandise page has been added to the “About the Libraries” and news pages. Staff directories have been updated. Pat shared pages of garbage she has been getting when trying to access IEEE. The SCC has adopted the look of the website. He is writing a white paper on the next version of the website, which will be a content management system that provides tracking, self editing, and personalization.

Research Guides - Au and Tom Glynn sent an announcement to faculty, and the following assignments have been accepted:

Lourdes Vasquez replied that Spanish language is included in the Latin American page. It was noted that page included social science and history resources while we are hoping for a page focusing on language with a literary perspective parallel to the English page. Au will meet with Mary, Howard has requested a template, and Michael and Ann are familiar with what is needed. Au and Sam will provide support to all developers. Au was requested to send all new developers the handout from his Collection Development Council presentation. Ellen Calhoun wrote that Susan Goodman did preliminary work on several guides, but she has only the updates. Pat Piermatti will investigate by checking with Ellen and looking at the LSM T drive.

M. Kesselman arrived.

Jim Neissen will take on Jewish studies, and Sam was requested to place his name on the page. He also was advised to change the name on the education page to Patricia Libutti. Because the page is dated, he will do a fast link check first.

Au and Tom will send a follow-up email after the next Collection Development Council meeting.

V. Bowman arrived.

Jane Sloan is working on a cinema studies guide with a SCILS student. Also under development are guides for sociology, by Treveni Kuchi, and for housing and urban developemnt, by Natalie Borisovets. Au will work with Harry Glazer on PR for the May 31 workshop. Panelists have accepted, and the room is reserved.

T. Glynn left.

I'Things - Theo Haynes reports that she has received not quite half of the database descriptions.

D. Hoover arrived.

Titles within the descriptions will be italicized, and the Libraries’ stylesheet will be used. Theo will send the names of those rewriting to Sam for documentation. All should be finished by the following Wednesday.

Instruction - Leslie Murtha reported that the committee has reviewed changes to the new Web pages and that they are ready to go.

Systems - Dave Hoover reported that acquisitions is contacting vendors with new IP address ranges for the residence halls. EEBO, Journal Citation Index, and a few others are not yet complete. The e-journals list is now being reviewed. There are 580 unique machine and domain names. He reviewed the difficulties of the process. RUCS will likely announce VPN availability before we are done. There was a discussion about VPN and our licenses. The modem pool and VPN access is only for major machines, i.e., RCI, Eden, Andromeda, etc. World News Connection cannot send results because of the anonymous email software. Uses can save to a floppy or cut and paste; systems is investigating. Ovid lost all saved searches, systems is looking into activating SDI, and sorting results does not seem to work. An indexing report for our website search engine will be available for our next meeting.

Vib Bowman asked about various problems with Ebsco when trying to open titles from within IRIS. She will provide examples, and Dave will investigate. Rebecca reported two additional problems: 1) the PC freezes when one tries to make the window bigger when the article is on the screen, and 2) the left side of the screen is cut off. Dave will investigate. Vib Bowman reported that CQ Researcher is slow. Others did not have this problem.

Rebecca and Sam reported on a metro workshop about usability testing. The first half was about design, and we are doing it right. The second half was about questionnaires, how to have people actually test, etc.

The group moved to the IHL.

Rebecca reminded everyone that she sent a note to the heads of the networked resource evaluation teams requesting that they review where resources were placed within the subject arrangement of the “Indexes and Databases” pages. Two suggestions for additional breakdowns were received, and the group reviewed them extensively. It was decided that we would not break down the subject lists by primary or other relevant listing or by format. Such breakldowns are the role of the research guides. Selectors will continue to determine under what subjects new resources will be listed. A review process will occur as needed. Questions in the interim will be referred to I’Things.

P. Piermatti left.

Leslie Murtha asked for advice for the new instruction pages. The pages should link to a list of subject specialists, but a link to the Collection Development Librarians page is not understandable. Leslie was advised to provide Rebecca with an additional sentence for the introductory paragraph and a recommendation to change the name of the page to “Subject Specialist Liberians.” She will forward the recommendation to Bob Sewell.

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