Minutes of Wednesday, April 10, 2002

R. Gardner, S. Harrington (recorder), T. Haynes, S. McDonald, L. Murtha

Meeting convened at 9:40 a.m.


1. Design (S. McDonald)

Email Form Project

Approximately half of the email forms have been completed, and work continues. S. McDonald has not received any negative feedback regarding the use of the forms.

Remote Access Page

The Design Group has pared down and edited the Remote Access page. During the next review phase, the FAQs and Instructions will be revisited in an attempt to organize the information in a more streamlined fashion.

Instruction Pages

The Instructional Services Committee pages are now live, listed under “Library Instruction and Tutorials” off the Libraries’ home page.

Staff Pages

The staff pages are slowly being brought over to the new design. One problem encountered is that cascading style sheets cannot be used with frames. S. McDonald will circumnavigate the problem in order to have clean white pages without a sidebar. (The look will therefore be slightly different than most pages.) Sam will prototype an example of how the staff pages will look.

Special Collections Pages

Kristine, S. McDonald’s student assistant, is working through the 500-plus Special Collections pages. The new pages may go up approximately mid-June 2002.

Friends and Supporters Pages

Pages with a target audience of supporters of RUL have been constructed and have been sent to J. Boyle, H. Glazer, and M. Gaunt, and well as to a Foundation Committee for review.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

S. McDonald is currently conducting research on Content Management Systems, which will guide the next evolution of the RUL web site into XML. CMS has the potential to implement logic modules, where the audience affects which incarnation of the site is viewed (i.e., students get a student-tailored site, etc.), as well as my-library type personalization services. Additionally, responsible parties could maintain and edit their own pages (i.e., Research Guides), however, each page would thus have to have an individual responsible for that page. S. McDonald will initiate a working group to evaluate the situation and examine open source options.

2. Research Guides (S. McDonald for K.N.Au)

Update on specific guides

H. Perez-Gilbe has revised the Agriculture Guide, and will prepare a Food Science Research Guide based on an example compiled by a SCILS student two years ago. M. Frazer completed Organizational Management pages which she will evolve into a full-fledged research guide. A Media Guide will also be prepared.

Workshop Planning

Planning continues for the Research Guide Workshop, entitled “The Care and Feeding of Research Guides.” Announcements will be made shortly.

3. I’Things (T. Haynes)

Revised Index Descriptions

T. Haynes is currently reviewing the index descriptions submitted by WAC members. Another batch of index descriptions in need of revision will be distributed to WAC members via email. T. Haynes mentioned that in the “Notes” field, it is important to state if adobe acrobat is needed to use any part of the index (including help brochures). In the “Access” section of each index description, language from the Remote Access instructions may be included in the future.

L. Murtha, in preparing the revised index description for Environmental Sciences and Pollution Management Database, noted that the online index contains around 11 individual indexes, some of which RUL receives in paper format. A question arose as to whether each index title should be individually listed on the Indexes and Databases page. This question will be sent to the Electronic Resources Committee chair in the subject area for consideration.

It was also noted that indexes sometimes change names, making them difficult to find if they were well known under their previous name. In such a case, S. McDonald will leave the former index name in the alphabetical list of Indexes and Databases for a discrete period of time, with a “see” note to the new index name. The old index name will not be a link, but merely the name listing.

4. Instruction (L. Murtha)

Instruction Pages

The newly revised instruction pages are now live. The Committee has received positive feedback from faculty members.


The Committee will hold an instruction workshop entitled “The 50 Minute Instructor: A Teaching Skills Seminar,” on May 10, 2002 from 9:30 a.m.- 3 p.m. The seminar will be a brown-bag lunch with dessert provided. If an interested party is unable to attend both morning and afternoon sessions, they are welcome to come to one or the other.

5. Systems
There was no report.

Meeting adjourned at 11:00 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Sara Harrington

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