Minutes of Wednesday, May 8, 2002

Chair - Rebecca Gardner; Recorder - Vib Bowman; Ka-Neng Au; Jeanne Boyle; Theo Haynes; Dave Hoover; Marty Kesselman; Sam McDonald; Leslie Murtha

Meeting called to order at 9:30 AM., Scholarly Communication Center, Alexander Library.

Design Group Report - Sam McDonald

Sam has finished work on the e-mail forms that will be used in lieu of the standard e-mail "mail to." Sam has notified web administrators and sent them the forms to use as necessary.

Work on the staff pages continues. Relevant information currently on the "Human Resources Page" will move to the Library Faculty section of the staff pages.

Sam has been working with a variation of the site search engine so that it can be utilized to search specific directories (e.g. SCC, the Staff Pages, etc.) There was a discussion of the various uses that could be made of the search engine and which directories would best be able to utilize this feature. A consensus was reached that, for the present, the separate search box will only be used on the Staff Pages. Sam and Dave also discussed the possibility of "weighting" the search results by relevance.

The RUL publication, The Agenda, will be in electronic format only, replacing paper, starting in July 2002. It will be linked from the Staff Resources page.

Research Guides Report - Ka-Neng Au

The Research Guides Workshop is set for May 31, 9 to noon, at the Pane Room in the Alexander Library. Registration continues. Reminders and fliers about the event are being sent out.

I-Things Report - Theo Haynes

Work continues on the revisions and updates for the database descriptions. Theo handed out a second round of assignments. Due date for these assignments is next WAC meeting (June 5.)

Instruction Report - Leslie Murtha

Leslie discussed the "50 Minute Instructor Workshop" planned by the Instructional Services Group for May 10, 2002. Preparations are progressing well. Over 20 people have registered to date.

Systems Report - Dave Hoover

EBSCO is pulling some of the titles currently included in Academic Search Premier to include them in specialized subject collections that will be available through EBSCO. Dave is preparing a "drop/add" list.

Dave reported that in the Fall (Sept. or Oct.) that RUCS is going to de-commission Telnet because of problems with security protocols. RUCS will be moving to a secure client software environment, that utilizes an encrypted user name and password. There was a discussion of how this will affect users at Public Workstations. Also in the Fall, RUCS will not support POP. Remote users are encouraged to switch to IMAP settings.

Staff Page Demo - Sam McDonald

Sam demo-ed changes to the Staff Page which resolve some display issues. There was discussion and suggestions for some "fine tuning."

Meeting adjourned at 12:30 PM.

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