Minutes of January 13, 2003 Meeting

K. Au (recorder), S. Bartz, J. Boyle, R. Gardner, S. Harrington, T. Haynes, D. Hoover, S. McDonald, L. Murtha, K. Wenk.
V. Bowman
R. Marker, M. Page, M. Wilt

1. Content Group Report (T. Haynes)

2. Design Group Report (S. McDonald)

3. Instruction Report (L. Murtha)

4. Systems Report (D. Hoover)

5. Usability Assessment (J. Boyle)

J. Boyle and R. Gardner reviewed the literature on Website assessment and provided summaries of several user study methods as well as case studies of assessment at several individual institutions. Theie recommendation is to conduct a pilot usability study; WAC members are to send comments and suggestions to the WAC list by 23 January AFTER reading through the handouts that were distributed.

6. Training & Development pages

M. Wilt demonstrated the prototype T&D pages. These pages feature links to RUL events and workshops (as well as offering from other RU departments such as the TEC and University Human Relations), tutorials for software packages, PCWG Effective Practices, and committee and task force reports.

7. Serials Solutions

M. Page reviewed the current Acquisition Department practice and process of implementing the Serials Solutions software. Titles and details are being compiled and will be submitted to the vendor for further processing. Samples of possible reports and listings were distributed. There will be another status report by Spring Break.

8. Cataloging of eResources

R. Marker discussed cataloging workflow for non-journal components of electronic databases e.g. reports, conference proceedings. Selectors need to communicate with the new Digital Resources Coordinator (Cathy Pecoraro) about the content and coverage of resources to be cataloged. C. Pecararo will liaison with M. Weber, who will catalog non-serial e-resources. WAC will contact C. Pecoraro about changes as we review the descriptions for indexes and databases. J. Boyle will discuss this workflow at PSC.

Meeting was adjourned at 12:30pm for WAC snack.

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