Minutes of May 12, 2003 Meeting

Ka-Neng Au (chair), Stephanie Bartz, Vib Bowman, Jeanne Boyle, Rebecca Gardner (recorder), Sara Harrington, Theo Haynes, Sam McDonald, Leslie Murtha, Karen Wenk

1. Webmaster Report: Sam introduced his new assistant, Shaun Ellis, who was welcomed by the group. There have been several research guide updates and items added to the "News and Events" page since the last meeting.

2. WAC-Content Group Report: Several new databases have been added or are coming. The Criminal Justice Research Guide is in the final stages of being reviewed. The new Sociology Research Guide is up. Sara Harrington is meeting with the French Department to develop a research guide. The RUL site index has been updated. Sam and Theo will check the database description list to see what needs to be updated. Jeanne has been gathering current collection descriptions for the individual libraries. A few are still outstanding, but she will give what she has to Sam for posting.

3. WAC-Design Group Report: IPAC is waiting for Bob Warwick to create a prototype of a search box for the RUL frontpage. The design group was asked to move "Other Library Catalogs" higher on the top page, remove "Electronic Books" from the top page, and to decide what to do about the "Electronic Journals" link. The first two actions can be taken soon. A decision about "Electronic Journals" should be made by August. The design group was also asked to consider placement of the "E-Zborrow" link vis a vis the "IRIS" link.

4. Liaison Reports: Leslie stated that she has almost completed a webpage of reports from the 50 Minute Instructor program. Questions arose as to where it should link from, and which server it will reside on. It was suggested that a heading for such items be created on the "About the Libraries" page, and called "Conference and Workshop Reports." The issue was referred to the design group for further discussion. The content group will create a template for people to use to submit reports, powerpoints, etc., from conferences. Leslie is creating an online archive of handouts that can be customized and used in teaching. It may also be shared with VALE. A question arose as to the status of finding aids. Some may need to "grow" into research guides, while some are too specific to an individual library to become a full fledged guide.

Sam is working with Dave Hoover, Shaun and Judy Gardner to create a form that will enable users to enter ILL requests straight into ILL Manager, rather than using the current ILL form in IRIS, which must then be keyed into ILL Manager by staff people. They are also working on a cable cast schedule for RU TV Media Vision, which will be linked from the User Services webpage.

The PC Working Group has asked AU for input regarding what standard images should be included on the public PC's. It was suggested that updates to Real Image, Flash, Tiff Viewer, fonts, and Shockwave be checked. Au will bring these suggestions back to the PC Working Group. Ewan will be removed. Discussion ensued regarding whether the libraries should use Internet Explorer or Netscape as the browser of choice. This issue became a goal for the coming year.

5. Goals:

Short Term (by the end of summer):

1. Resolve what to do with Electronic Journals page (put on June WAC agenda) -Full WAC.

2. Top Page (User Services, IRIS search box)
-Design Group

3. IE/Netscape decision (requires investigation. put on June WAC agenda to raise questions.)
-Full WAC

4. Get started on Finding Aids
-Content Group

5. Term Paper Project

Medium Term (by Thanksgiving):

1. Complete Index Descriptions (once through)
-Content Group

2. Assessment

3. Site Map
-Jeanne and Sam

Long Term:

1. CMS Issues
- Design and Content Groups

6. Announcements: A subgroup of Public Services Council is working on a Library page for Alumni.

7. Next Meeting: June 16, 2003 2pm

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/web_advisory/minutes/wacmin_03_05_12.shtml
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