Minutes of August 11, 2003 Meeting

Ka-neng Au, Stephanie Bartz, Vibiana Bowman(via teleconference), Jeanne Boyle, Karen Hartman, Sam McDonald, Karen Wenk
Dave Hoover, Robert Nahory
Rebecca Gardner, Theo Haynes, Leslie Murtha

1. Welcome and introductions

Karen Hartman was welcomed and introduced to WAC.

2. Preview new front page


For the Delivery page:

For the Course reserves page:

The rollover box for Course reserves will be amended to include "Request cable cast of moving image materials".

3. Ejournals list and Serials Solutions

The Serials Solutions list of electronic journals list will replace the current lists of ejournals (A-G)(H-Z) generated from IRIS. The Serials Solutions list does not include the government journals that are currently in the generated list, so a new list consisting only of government journals will be generated so complete coverage will be available.

The lists from Serials Solutions will consist of 27 page (A-Z + Num). Serials Solutions gives us files monthly. Sam is developing a script to convert the provided html to our style (top bar, sidebar and colors), and to add our text at the top. The same text that is on the current 2 ejournals pages will be placed at the top of each of the Serials Solution html pages. The text and links on the main E-journals will be amended by WAC-D to reflect the 2 different sets of lists. Shaun is developing a search based on code from Serials Solutions so the main ejournal list can be searched (users wishing to search for government ejournals will need to 'find in page' or use IRIS). The lists will not include a clickable ISSN. The links to external resources (journals and vendors), will open in a new window.

The change-over will wait until both the Serials Solutions lists and the government ejournals lists are ready.

Sam will be prepare demos and will share with WAC-D and then WAC for comment.

Location: NRIV:

4. Webmaster Report

Style sheet upgrades

Sam created a 'favicon.ico'. A favicon is the little graphic seen in front of URLS/bookmarks in IE 5+, and NS7+. The tiny graphic (16x16) has the RUL logo 'blue onion' (minus the text). Sam will put it up some time soon.

5. Content Management System Update

Sam says he is unsure what sort of structural or design adaptations might need to be made to the current look-and-feel of the web site under the WCMS, but he assured WAC that there current role of reviewing and commissioning new content, services, and policies will not change.

6. Liaison Reports

Next meeting: September 8, 2003

Submitted by Sam McDonald

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