Minutes of May 10, 2004 Meeting

K-N. Au (chair), S.Bartz, R.Gardner (recorder), K.Hartman, D.Hoover, S.McDonald, R.Nahory, K.Wenk

Upon review of the April, 2004 minutes, the question was raised as to what resources can or cannot appear on our trial indexes and databases pages. The decision was made to remove that section from our webpage.

1) Content Group:

Many new databases have become available and announced in the past few weeks, and more are on the way. Descriptions for new databases and indexes should be sent by the selector to Sam, who will mock up a description page and then send it to Harry so that he can write up something for the news. The mocked up page and the draft news statement goes back to the selector and WAC-C for review before being announced. New databases and indexes should be proxied and cataloged before they are announced as available.

We will be repeating the database description review cycle again, beginning with the oldest. Individual library unit pages also need to be reviewed and updated.

2) Design Group:

Work continues on the redesign of the website. The redesign will be shown to the full WAC at the June 14th meeting. The URL will be sent out to the committee ahead of the meeting. Public Services Council will then review it at their June meeting. The new design is expected to be released in July, between summer sessions, so that the faculty and staff can become familiar with it before fall semester, and so that brochures may be updated using the new site. If for some reason the release does not happen in July, it will wait until January.

The current E-Journals list will soon be replaced by the EBSCO list. There will also be a separate alphabetical list of government serials publications.

3) Webmaster Report:

Sam is working on a version of the SearchPath tutorial with the Instructional Services Committee.

MyRutgers will become available in late August or early Septmeber. People will be able to customize their MyRutgers page with tabs (for example to the RU library website) and channels (for example IRIS, Indexes, Research Guides, etc.)

4) Systems Liaison Report:

There were problems with Ask a Librarian last week because it was sharing the same directory space as the back up for MIC and the server ran out of space. Systems will change the set up so that they won t share server space.

We need to keep an eye out for rejected Ask a Librarian emails. The recipients spam filters may be rejecting our answers. Also, we should be careful to check for typos in return addresses before we reply to Ask a Librarian questions.

Dave has heard some rumblings about open URL. The implementation committee is deciding how to respond to comments. There may be a public forum to discuss these issues.

5) Site Usability Study:

Karen Hartman handed out a list of questions that she created which she plans to use for a usability study of the RUL website. She will work on this with Karen Wenk. For now she is focusing on undergraduates. As people take part in the study, a scribe should record what they say and do as they work their way through the questions. Library administration is providing $5 copicards as incentive for students to participate. Karen Hartman will let Vib and Theo know about the project.

Next meeting

The June 14th meeting will be held in the IHL so that we can all look at the redesign. At that meeting we will elect a new chair. An additional member or two may be added to the committee for the coming year. Appointments to WAC are made by Jeanne Boyle, in consultation with the campus directors.

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