Minutes of June 14, 2004 Meeting

Ka-Neng Au, Stephanie Bartz (recorder), Kim Gallon (guest), Rebecca Gardner, Theo Haynes, Dave Hoover, Sam McDonald, Karen Wenk

1. Review of new web page design

The new site is not yet complete and will be worked on further before itís presented to PSC on Monday, June 21. All of the current blue and green pages will eventually disappear to be replaced by equivalent pages with the new design. Left menu links from the main page will always point to an equivalent full page. Core content will be completed first, then Special Collections pages, archived news pages, and finally staff pages.

The following actions were decided on following a review and discussion of the new pages:

There was some concern over the fact that after clicking on a center of the page link from the main page, selecting the browser back button returns you to the picture rather than to the text that you clicked from. No solution was forthcoming.

2. Minutes of May meeting

Minutes were distributed via email and corrections should be sent to Rebecca Gardner by the end of the week.

3. Research Guides

Since Bob Sewell sent his message about decommissioning outdated Research Guides, there have already been 4 or 5 responses from guide owners. Any guide not updated by June 28 will be removed from the list of Research Guides and from the Site Index.

4. Elections

All of the current WAC members whose terms expire in 2004 have elected to continue as members of the committee. One additional member from New Brunswick is needed. Jeanne Boyle has been in touch with Francoise Puniello about the additional member, but none has yet been appointed.

The discussion at the previous WAC meeting suggested that WAC chairs must be tenured faculty, but in reality all faculty members on the committee are eligible to serve as chair. Au will send an email ballot via Lucye Millerand with a list of all WAC members who are eligible to be the chair. Ballots should be returned to Lucye by June 21.

5. Usability Survey

Karen Hartman and Karen Wenk have drafted the script and tested it on a non-library person. Karen Hartman is reordering the questions based on that test. The survey will be given to undergraduates using the existing library pages. Once the new site is up, the survey will be given based on the new pages.

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