Minutes of December 13, 2004 Meeting

K. Au (recorder), S. Bartz, V. Bowman, R. Gardner, T. Haynes, D. Hoover, S. McDonald, L. Mullen, R. Nahory, K. Wenk

1. Content Group Report (T. Haynes)

a. Separate descriptions for the 12 component sections of the Environmental Sciences and Pollution Management database will be released soon, without publicity, along with other related CSA indexes.

b. Research Guides specifications and procedures are (still) under development.

2. Webmaster Report (S. McDonald)

a. BookRoom is due to go live by 31 Jan 2005. This Web-based application will be used for booking rooms and equipment (e.g. videoconference units, projectors, laptops) for classes and meetings.

3. Liaison Reports

a. IPAC (S. Bartz): iLink testing and modification is in progress. The new interface is not expected to go live before summer 2005. A review of other SIRSI sites is due to be completed by 20 Dec 2004.

b. ISC (R. Gardner): Searchpath is almost complete; the project will be shared with RUL by 18 Jan 2005. Publicity is being planned and the University community will be informed of Searchpath availability in mid-February.

c. Systems (D. Hoover & S. McDonald): EZProxy will be rolled out publicly by 18 Jan 2005. A planning meeting between WAC, Library Systems, and relevant parties has been scheduled for 14 Dec 2004. WAC-D is scheduled to meet 11 Jan 2005 to finalize new pages. [It was pointed out that the top page sometimes does not load properly for dial-up users, which may affect the placement of the proxy login status.]

4. Goal setting

- tabled until Jan 2005

5. Strategic Planning Report for PSC

- initial discussion ensued with comments on the need for adequate training, funding, and staffing for content development, as well as the use of non-textual means of communication. A brief report from WAC is due to PSC by 19 Jan 2005. This topic will be discussed at length at our next meeting. K. Au will email to the WAC list a copy of the memo that was distributed, along with other related documents.

Meetings in Spring 2005:

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