Minutes of April 11, 2005 Meeting

K. Au (chair), S. Bartz, R. Gardner (recorder), T. Haynes, D. Hoover, S. McDonald, K. Wenk

1. Minutes of the February 14, 2005 WAC meeting were approved.

2. Communications Audit Report Response: WAC was asked to respond to five recommendations proposed by the communications audit team regarding the Libraries website. Below are the recommendations, followed by WAC's response. However, it should be noted that there is an overriding statement on page 26 of the report that says:

"Note: On June 30, we were pleased to preview the redesigned RUL website and see that it addresses many of these concerns-congratulations!"

Recommendations and Responses:

We currently have multiple access points (links) for comments and suggestions scattered throughout the website. The footer of every page says, "Libraries website maintained by the Libraries Webmaster", and has generated communication from users. This wording could be more inviting for comments and could be changed to say, for example, "Send feedback about this website to the Libraries Webmaster." Most communication comes to us via "Ask a Librarian". Perhaps Harry Glazer could join the "Ask a Librarian" team to respond to general comments/suggestions.

Accomplished in re-design.

Accomplished with Searchpath.

If implemented, this suggestion would need to be managed by someone who would be responsible for finding the content for frequently changing features. It would also take up "real estate" on the top page. The Web Advisory Committee feels that featuring current events on the webpage is not necessarily appropriate for a research library.

The Web Advisory Committee believes that the new "News Bookmark" on the top page responds to this recommendation. However, content in the "News Bookmark" might be broadened from time to time to highlight general library features and services.

3. Content Group: Hasn't met in a while. Is meeting on Friday. Information Science and Technology Abstracts description is coming soon.

4. Design Group: Hasn't met in a long time. Will be meeting briefly after this meeting.

5. Webmaster Report: Nothing new to report.

6. Liaison Reports:

ISC-pages still being updated. Searchpath has been rolled out. The IRIS module will need to be revised to reflect the ilink changes.

IPAC-the new ilink will come up sometime between the end of the spring semester and the beginning of summer session. About 10 people gave feedback to IPAC regarding ilink. IRIS pages have been changed to the red and black color scheme. Sam is compiling a (long) list of pages on the Libraries website that will need to be updated to reflect changes in IRIS. (How do I's, Ask a Librarian, graphics, etc., etc.)

PSC-no report.

Systems-Need to change about 10-15 Eureka scripts. Have heard from a few people who are not happy with the new proxy because they are not sent to proxied database links from email alerting services such as table of contents, saved searches, etc. In addition, the whole SCC site has not been proxied. Therefore, it is not easy to get to some of those links from off campus. People using the old proxy will be detected and notified that they will need to change to the new version.

7. Update on grey databases: Of the databases brought to the Public Services Council, only HeinOnline can have a description written for the Rutgers University Libraries Indexes and Databases page.

Next Meeting: May 9, 2005

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/web_advisory/minutes/wacmin_05_04_11.shtml
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