Minutes of June 13, 2005 Meeting

Rebecca Gardner, Karen Hartman, Laura Mullen, Ka-Neng Au, Sam McDonald, Stephanie Bartz, Dave Hoover (recorder), Theo Haynes

Next meeting July 11, 2005


1) Minutes from May Meeting.

2) Google Scholar (Wenk)

3) How Do I's (McDonald)

4) Popular Literature Versus Scholarly Literature (Au)


4a) E-Reserve flash tutorial (Au)

Camden produced a flash tutorial on how to use electronic reserves that the ERES group would like to have linked from the library web pages. Concern was raised about keeping the page content up to date and in sync with Ilink screen changes, as well as the fact that it did not reference paper reserves.


5) 2005-2006 WAC Goals (All)

Main discussion about goals focused on the fact that as an Advisory board that reacts to other proposals it is hard to set specific goals.

6) Indexes and Databases (Haynes)

7) Research Guides (Au)

8) Webmaster Report (Sam)

9) Systems Report (Hoover)

10) Instruction Report (Haynes, Gardner)

11) IPAC Report (Bartz)

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/web_advisory/minutes/wacmin_05_06_13.shtml
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