Minutes of August 8, 2005 Meeting

Ka-Neng Au, Stephanie Bartz, Vibiana Bowman, Rebecca Gardner, Karen Hartman, Dave Hoover, Sam McDonald (recorder), Karen Wenk
Laura Mullen
Bob Nahory, Theo Haynes

Next meeting September 12, 2005


1) Minutes from May Meeting

2) Committee Questionnaire - Au

The committee discussed the questionnaire and wrote responses.
Au will send a copy to Cassel and to WAC.

3) Fall Website Review Schedule - All

The committee, using the "site update" Excel worksheet, reviewed content that should be reviewed to make sure it is fresh for fall semester.


4) Non-journal serials in EBSCO A-Z list - McDonald

Background: Non-journal serials that are not cataloged in IRIS, but are represented in the (EBSCO) A-Z list are currently "invisible' to users. Specific examples include: items in the IEEE/IEE Electronic Library, SourceOECD Books, and SourceOECD Statistics, as well as other miscellaneous conference proceedings etc. It was noted that ideally these would be fully cataloged, however that is beyond the scope of WAC's abilities, and web-site-related solutions were discussed. Hoover discussed some long-term approaches that Systems and Cataloging are looking into.


A working group of Au, Bowman, and Haynes will write specific suggestions and texts for addition to ejournal and other pages to indicate how users can go about finding these resources.

5) Index/Database Description Assignments - Au (for Haynes)

The Excel spreadsheets of forthcoming databases, recently added databases, and current assignments were reviewed.


6) Index Sub-Category Maintenance - McDonald

Background: The six "By Subject" pages are updated when new databases get added, but the listings need to be reviewed. Some databases "might" be useful, but are probably note core, at least for undergraduates.

Outcome: WAC decided that core indexes should be determined by primary selectors in that area. Secondary databases should be put in the general section of the listings (there are 4, "Business" and "General and Multidisciplinary" do not have a general section). Each sub-section will be linked the appropriate general sub-section (as a "see also"). The general sub-section will have a "see also" to "General and Multidisciplinary Indexes."

7) Research Guides - Au

Au noted that "South Asian Studies" by Jim Niessen has gone live since WAC last met. Also, a "Public Administration" guide is expected soon.

8) Webmaster Report - McDonald

Tasks done

Database renamed:

9) Systems Report - Hoover

The "old proxy" will be completely decommissioned as of August 22.

The new databases coming via the Knowledge Initiative will require descriptions. Some discussion of what to do with duplicates (one from Ovid, one from EBSCO) needs to be had with selectors etc. These are viewable from the databases VALE page.

Google Search: (instead of HTDIG). Hoover has a test version he is working with. McDonald intends to do some research and collaborate with Dave to submit recommendations to PSC, TSC, etc.

10) Instruction Report - Haynes

No report.

11) IPAC Report - Bartz

IPAC is making some tweaks and improvements to the iLink interfaces.

12) Other Announcements - All


Next WAC meeting: 12 September 2005
Recorder: Mullen

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/web_advisory/minutes/wacmin_05_08_08.shtml
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