Minutes of October 10, 2005 Meeting

K. Au, S. Bartz, V. Bowman, R. Gardner, T. Haynes, K. Hartman, D. Hoover, L.Mullen, R. Nahory (recorder), K. Wenk

1) Imaging Services (Au)

Background: review placement of links on Website

Conclusion of discussion:

Additional notes and actions:

2) Indexes and Databases: subject listings (Gardner)

Background: review selection and order of databases
On alphabetical subject listing of Indexes and Databases move location of parenthetical information to end of lines - eg (ASFA)
- Rebecca Gardner will work with Sam McDonald to fix this.
Other items:
- Au will deal with setting up a double listing for Wilson Business Index, under B and under W.
- Sam McDonald will fix the issues with omnifile full text preset, to be like Art listing.

3) Indexes and Databases: revisions (Au)

Background: review databases with enhancements or changes
Theo will review Criminal Justice Abstracts, which has apparently switched vendors
Au will fix enhancement to Reference USA
FDC Reports: some links do not work off campus, which has been verified by Dave Hoover. Dave says that Easy Proxy people are looking into the problem but so far no response. If this problem continues for some time then Sam McDonald should be alerted to add error note for users.
PAIS: already adjusted by Stephanie Bartz.
ProQuest was discussed briefly and is considered to be ok
Zephyr was recently added, Oct. 7, to Indexes and Databases - ref. Sam McDonald

Assignments for review of database descriptions:

4) E-journals list (Au)

Background: some titles not currently cataloged.
Problem: For example, for Cambridge, we subscribe to more titles than are shown. IRIS gives more titles.
It was decided to change the title to" Electronic Journals and Other Resources"
Dave Hoover suggested the idea to change the ordering of the current description and put reference to additional content first after the title line, with addition of the word 'journals.'
Au will take care of this and send suggested changes Sam McDonald
Discussion of "Open Access Resources" was postponed for the next meeting in November.

5) Webmaster Report (McDonald)

Indexes are up, but some descriptions are in need of revision, such as Wilson ones. Liasons should request review of descriptions by their respective departments.

6) Systems Report (Hoover)

Google Search: Google offers a public search service that RUL will use to search the library site. This is a free service available from Google, but there are requirements that the Google logo be included next to the search box on screen. WAC suggests that the smallest possible Google graphic (see google.com/stickers.html) should be chosen so as to preserve the look and feel of local searching. Dave Hoover also suggested that adding a radio button and RUL wording below the search box could emphasize this. Also do not use the words Google Search in the control button - use just the word Search.
Sam McDonald has the Rules of Use from Google.
Dave Hoover will follow up with this.

7) Instruction Report (Haynes)

Brief report by Theo: the committee is working on assessment procedures, which may be relevant to WAC in the future.

8) IPAC Report (Bartz)

The timeline for development and implementation of new features for IRIS has been pushed back to accommodate the installation of the Unicorn upgrade (GL3.0). The upgrade is being installed in the test system in early November and should go into the production system during Spring Break 2006.

Next WAC meeting: 14 November 2005

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