Minutes of November 14, 2005 Meeting

Au, Bartz, Gardner, Hartman, Haynes, McDonald, Mullen, Wenk (recorder)

About the Libraries: User Services page

Reviewed revised page with additional descriptive text. The page will go live.

Human Resources, Policies, and other Library Documents

Reviewed "Human Resources" page spun off from this page (to be placed between "Friends and Support" and "Staff Resources"). The original "Human Resources, Policies, and other Library Documents" page will be renamed "Policies and other Library Documents." These pages will go live.

Google search page

Reviewed the new Google search page. The page will go live.

Indexes and Databases (Haynes)

Members were reminded to continue with database descriptions. New assignments will be made after existing list is finished. Forthcoming indexes section of the spreadsheet has been enhanced.

Open Access Resources (Au)

Reviewed this page, which was recently re-written. Page will be revisited in January; Laura will lead the discussion.

Webmaster Report (McDonald)

History - North America Research Guide has been revised and is back. Tom is working on the British History guide. Dave Kuzma has delivered the New Jerseyana guide. Sam is coding this - look for it soon. Vale changed their logo - stickers have been changed on the Website.

ISC Report (Haynes)

Dedicating all efforts to assessing Searchpath - nothing related to WAC.

IPAC Report (Bartz)

Test catalog is temporarily unavailable. Still taking suggestions for revising IRIS.

Other Announcements (all)

Au expects several new revised pages. This committee will review Staff pages next meeting (December 12).

Next WAC meeting: 12 December 2005

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