Minutes of January 9, 2006 Meeting

Au, Bartz (recorder), Gardner, Hartman, Haynes, McDonald, Mullen, Nahory, Wenk
Bowman, Hoover

1) Research Guides

Guidelines, update cycle, and reminder memo were reviewed and discussed at length. Final decision was to:

a) Remove the "Cycle of Updates" section of the Specifications and Procedures, and add a sentence to the end of the "What does an Update Mean?" section to indicate "WAC will send a reminder to all research guide authors in January and July of each year."

b) Revise the previously drafted memo about outdated guides so that it can serve as a reminder letter for all guide owners with a cc to all of WAC. The reminder will include a request that owners notify Sam if a guide has been fully reviewed but no changes are needed, as well as a general description of what an update should include (e.g., new databases added, links checked).

c) Send a memo to Jeanne detailing the current state of the research guides along with a request that the responsibilities of selectors with regard to research guides be brought up in Cabinet, or for discussion before a larger group like the RUL faculty. A spreadsheet listing each guide with its last date of revision, as well as a copy of the reminder message being sent to all guide owners will be appended.

2) Completed Business

3) Indexes and Databases

There are six database description updates still outstanding:

Additional updates were assigned as follows:

Sam will send a reminder about outstanding updates one week prior to each WAC meeting.

4) Open Access Resources

Laura has approached the science librarians about working on the project and there has been some interest expressed. Laura will report on progress at the next WAC meeting.

5) Webmaster Report

Research guides, news, and database descriptions have been updated/added since the last meeting.

6) Systems Report

No report.

7) Instruction Report

ISC is concentrating on Searchpath assessment.

8) IPAC Report

A direct link to Call Number Search will be added to the Search IRIS and Other Catalogs page below the Advanced Search link as soon as Bob Warwick can provide a URL.

9) Other Announcements

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/web_advisory/minutes/wacmin_06_01_09.shtml
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