Minutes of June 12, 2006 Meeting

Bartz, Bowman, Gardner, Hartman, Hoover, McDonald, Mullens
Au, Haynes, Wenk

1. New "How do I get my article?" (Bartz)

WAC discussed and approved the text submitted by Bartz.

For implementation, WAC decided that:

In addition, all of these resources can be found elsewhere on the Indexes and Databases page, under "By Title" as well as sometimes in a subject list.

2) Reference Tools Section under Indexes and Databases (General and Multidisciplinary.) (Gardner and Haynes)

A question was referred to WAC on what the scope and intent of the
Find Articles: Indexes and Databases: (By Subject): General and Multidisciplinary: Reference Tools
section was. WAC discussed and decided that this section was confusing and misleading and that "Electronic Reference Source" pages contained these items and was more complete.

WAC concluded that the section should be removed and a "See also: Electronic Reference Sources" be placed under the top TOC (to be consistent with "Medicine" pointing to "General and Multidisciplinary Indexes").

3) Distribute New Database Description Reviews (McDonald)

About 12 database descriptions are outstanding. WAC decided than rather than distributing another 10, we would use June as a "catch-up" month. New description assignments will be discuused at the July meeting.

4) Webmaster Report (McDonald)

5) IPAC Report (Bartz)

No new news to report.

6) Instruction Report (Haynes)

No new news to report.

7) Systems Report (Hoover)

7) Other (Gardner)

Gardner asked WAC to think about WAC membership needs.

Next Recorder: Hoover (Skipped in June), Mullen

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