Minutes of January 8, 2007 Meeting

Ka-Neng Au (Chair), Stephanie Bartz, Rebecca Gardner, Karen Hartman, Theo Haynes (videoconference), Dave Hoover, Sam McDonald, Laura Mullen (recorder), Andrew Ruggiero

1) Front Page Update (Gardner):

Discussion of RUCore representation on the web pages. Subcommittee dealing with user services issues for RUCore includes Rebecca, Karen, Triveni, Rhonda. PSC recommends RUCore be added in the gray side bar close to the top (with "Find Articles" and "IRIS and other catalogs"). WAC feels that items listed in the gray bar should be in logical groupings, such as the listing of IRIS, Find Articles, Searchlight all together. RUCore may fit better alongside another group of resources, such as those in "Research Resources."

Items on this list need to be placed in order according to criteria such as: most often-used items at the top, items at the top should be targeted to the largest, most prominent groups of users (undergraduates).

Discussion will continue as more services are vying for the top spots. WAC would like further discussion of exact placement of RUCore on the gray side bar. Might be best to locate it after "Research Resources" right above the demarcation line. Sam will prepare mock-ups of the new page with both "RUCore/Institutional Repository" and "Find Articles Using Searchlight" listed toward the top of the list. There is concern about the words "Find Articles" appearing twice in a row. At this time, there is no specific date for the roll-out of RUCore.

Rebecca brought recommendations for placement of RUCore on the subpages- (WAC concurs with all)-links will appear as follows:

2) Searchlight Discussion (Au and Mullen)

Many attended the Searchlight demos on Dec. 18th and 19th. Demo page at: base-domain/rul/demo/searchlight/searchlight-dh.shtml

There is still time to send any comments and feedback to Ann Montanaro. Advanced searching still not available to test with different subject categories. Au forwarded the list of databases by subject (received from Kevin) to Ann for use in implementation of the advanced searching. There is a lack of consistency with the subject lists. Laura will provide more information by email to WAC members after the Jan. 10 meeting of the ERMS group. Searchlight will be implemented soon-do not expect a long test period. Harry needs to be informed at least 10 days before the product rolls out. PSC has decided to place Searchlight on the front page under "Find Articles." It will be listed as "Find Articles using Searchlight." Sam has not received a new graphic for the flashlight. Is there a "Help" or FAQ for the product? Where will additional links need to go? Laura will get updates from the ERMS committee and bring recommendations to WAC for the subpages.

3) Database Descriptions and Cancellations Update (McDonald):

Database descriptions to be reviewed:

4) Digital Library Projects page (Au):


5) Faculty Services Page (Au):

6) Webmaster Report (McDonald)

No additional report

7) Systems Report (Hoover):

Too much space on the server taken up by recent website additions, specifically Case exhibit and Cambodian collection finding aids. These files are too large-website growth seen as unusual. These items will be permanent. Should these types of resources be vetted before being added to the website?

8) Instruction Report (Haynes)

No activities affecting WAC

9) IPAC (Bartz):

Reminder sent to RUL_Everyone that RefWorks now works with IRIS.

Next WAC meeting-Feb. 12, 2007

Respectfully submitted,
Laura Bowering Mullen

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