Minutes of February 12, 2007 Meeting

Au, Bartz, Gardner, Hartman, Haynes, Hoover, Mullen, Nahory (recorder), Ruggiero.

(1) Identity

New Rutgers' banner/logos are available for web pages. We are waiting for new RUL version.

Samples of new banners can be seen here.

(2) Searchlight: (Mullen)

Web page for Searchlight is under development, close to final result. Work is going on to get a consistent look over all pages.

Hoover pointed out that Searchlight needs to be proxied for remote access and authenticated. Thus Searchlight is different from IRIS, which does not require authentication. This issue must be considered in setting up user access to Searchlight.

WAC will be glad to receive suggestions for consideration on page locations for access to Searchlight. Refer to ERMS committee, Ann Montanaro, chair.

(3) Indexes and Databases: (McDonald)

Sam needs input on adjustments, mostly on ESPM databases, which need name changes in some cases. Mullen will check on what packages we have access to for some of these databases. There is a need to consider how to include multiple ERIC databases. Please complete assignments for database description review.

(4) Guide to International Students (Au)

Consider placement and links - currently reachable from About the Libraries/User Services. Recommend reordering of list under User Services.

Add a line to How Do I … page for Site Index and Website search.

(5) RUcore

WAC prefers "RUcore/Institutional Repository" location on web page at the bottom of top listing at left in gray bar. Question: What should official lettering be for RUcore among the following list of options:


Sam will make a mock-up web page version showing RUcore/Institutional Repository

(6) Web Master Report (McDonald)

Several web pages were cleaned up. Continued work on staff pages - need to change staff pages from green to red/black.

(7) Systems (Hoover)

RUcore 4.0 will be implemented in March

(9) IPAC (Bartz)

E-ZBorrow - new and helpful button being developed.

Mullen: Selectors Toolkit is under development with instructions

Next meeting: March 12, 2007

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/web_advisory/minutes/wacmin_07_02_12.shtml
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