Minutes of March 12, 2007 Meeting

Au (Chair), Bartz, Gardner, Hartman, Haynes (videoconference), Hoover, McDonald, Mullen, Ruggiero (recorder)

1. SearchLight (Mullen)

The group favorably reviewed the 'Find Articles with Searchlight' link placement on the front page of the RUL website. Laura pointed out that Google Scholar has been removed from the advertised list of searchable databases on the SearchLight page, since Google Scholar cannot be federated.

Laura also reported that around half of the indexes and databases listed in the indexes and databases alphabetical list are searchable in a searchlight federated search, and that more are being added.

Dave reported Web of Science wasn't able to produce reliable results after conducting searches. Au recommended that Web of Science also be removed from the advertised list of searchable databases referred to previously after performing a few queries for the group that resulted in Web of Science errors.

Laura informed the group that Citation Linker is a separate product from Serial Solutions & the ERAITF (committee working on the implementation of federated search and other Serials Solutions products) would like to defer to PSC on where it could be inserted into the RUL website. A link to the service currently resides on the Full A-Z List of Electronic Journals.

2. WAC Mid-Year Report (Au)

Au presented the draft version of the WAC mid-year report (July - December 2006). A discussion ensued regarding the latest database acquisitions, cancellations and personnel additions to the group. Au noted the discussion points and will modify the draft accordingly.

3. Indexes and Databases - (McDonald)

Sam reported no new databases this month, and the following list of existing electronic resources need updated descriptions:

4. Webmaster Report (McDonald)

Sam notified the group that there will be three new documents he will email to the group to review before the next WAC meeting date:

Selector's Toolkit - Sam reviewed both active and to-be active links within the selector's toolkit and disclosed who will be responsible for updating and reviewing the associated content. Sam will email a draft text of forthcoming text for review by WAC members.

Update on RUL implementation of new Rutgers visual identity- Sam reported that University Relations has not sent over the new banner for use in the RUL webpage as was requested four weeks ago. A new 'signature' file, for paper related use has been delivered.

After some discussion the group decided not to change the 'RUTGERS MAIN SITE' link on the grey sidebar of the RUL webpage until Harry G. is consulted. Some group members noted that other RU departments websites display different text to link back to the main Rutgers website.

Sam has finished updating the design of the remainder of the staff pages to display the red pinstripes in the banner.

5. Systems Report - (Hoover)

Dave related the current debate on the technical implications of forcing a proxy connection upon a visitor's first accessing IRIS, as opposed to the current configuration. Laura advised that many public universities now require either a NetID or guest login to access their OPAC, and that we might find this a suitable solution to optimize a visitor's experience with the various services available at the RUL website. The group agreed to table the issue for future discussion. Stephanie will take this to IPAC for discussion.

6. Instruction Report (Haynes)

No update

7. IPAC Report (Bartz)

Stephanie reported that a new feature within IRIS is in development whereby an EZ-Borrow button will appear in the brief record/holdings page of an item if certain volume holding conditions exist. Changes will also occur in the visibility of the 'Deliver/Recall' button based upon the item's holding information. An announcement will be made containing all the details a week before the new feature is made available to the public.

8. Other Announcements

The WAC April meeting will convene on the 4th floor of Alexander Library in the SCC. Guests from the communications/marketing team will present materials regarding branding.

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