Minutes of April 5, 2007 Meeting

K.Au (recorder), S.Bartz, R.Gardner, D.Hoover, S.McDonald, L.Mullen, A.Ruggiero.
K.Hartman, T.Haynes, R.Nahory.

1) RUL Marketing

Guests J.Brennan and R.Smith led a brainstorming session on branding. WAC members provided some input to the Marketing subcommittee.

2) Internal Communications Review Task Force Report

The recommendations in the report were reviewed. K.Au will contact the AUL for RIS and the AUL for DLS about a proposal for implementing changes to the staff pages. Proposals for new categories should be sent to WAC.

3) Selector's Toolkit

Guidelines for adding content to the RUL Website (databases, database descriptions, Research Guides) were reviewed and approved. Guidelines for Finding Aids will be reviewed after further input is solicited from the collection development and instruction librarians.

4) Research Guides

K.Au will write to editors of Guides about updates and link-check reports.

5) Systems Report (Hoover)

D.Hoover is testing an automated filter to reduce "form spam." He also led a discussion on the need to automatically prompt remote users to login to IRIS to facilitate access to linked resources.

6) Instruction Report

Citation Linker will be discussed at the next Public Services Council meeting.

7) Other Announcements

A programmer has been hired to work with S.McDonald.

Next WAC meeting: 14 May 2007

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