Minutes of May 14, 2007 Meeting

K. Au (chair), S. Bartz (recorder), R. Gardner, K. Hartman, T. Haynes, D. Hoover, S. McDonald, L. Mullen
A. Ruggiero

1) Rutgers Visual Identity System

The demo RU Libraries pages with the banner and logotype provided by University Relations were reviewed and approved. The now mandatory links to “Return to Rutgers Home Page” and “Search Rutgers” were also approved for placement above the Vale logo in the grey sidebar. The text for the two links to Rutgers will be red and all caps as they are on other Rutgers websites. The preferred favicon is the spirit mark. Au will contact Harry Glazer, who is coordinating the visual identity changes, so that the recommendations can be approved and implemented.

Au will also find out whether the budget impact and strategic plan links should remain in the news bookmark, and whether the library logo should continue to be used there.

Sam and Ken Kuehl have also worked on a new banner for IRIS. Stephanie will take it to IPAC.

The VALE and NJKI logos that currently appear in the banner on several database description pages will need to be moved. Sam will experiment with fitting them in the upper right corners of the pages but below the black bar.

2) Front Page Images

A new batch of photos plus some previously seen photos were reviewed for use on the libraries’ home page. Six were approved: y, U, W, X, #1-old, and B.

Au will contact Harry Glazer to ask that the permission form used for photos be posted on the libraries’ website to make it more widely available.

3) Indexes and Databases

Database description updates still outstanding:

Cancelled databases to be completely removed after graduation, unless they still connect:

New assignments for database descriptions:

4) Finding Aids Guidelines

There was some discussion of the draft guidelines Sam put together for inclusion in the Selector’s Toolkit, but no final decisions were made. Questions about what constitutes a finding aid remain. Au will ask to be on the agenda for an ISC meeting to discuss it further, and will contact Jeris Cassel to determine whether any material in the Instruction Repository should be made more publicly available on the website.

A larger discussion of whether subject oriented pages to group resources (i.e., indexes & databases, research guides, and finding aids) should be created ensued. Again, no conclusions were reached.

5) Goal Setting for 2007-2008

Tabled until next month.

6) Webmaster Report

Choong Hoong Liew started work earlier this month and has begun working on several projects.

7) Systems Report

The "form spam" problem is being worked on. A two step process of creating a hidden field in each form and renaming forms seems to work. Sam and Dave will implement the changes for all forms.

Factiva links in IRIS and from Article Linker can be problematic. The links provided by Serials Solutions are not title level because Factiva does not want such links to be provided.

7) Instruction Report

ISC is gathering past minutes and will forward them for posting.

8) IPAC Report

No report.

9) Other Announcements


Next meeting: June 11, 2007
Next recorder: R. Gardner

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/web_advisory/minutes/wacmin_07_05_14.shtml
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