Minutes of July 16, 2007 Meeting

Ka-Neng Au, chair; Stephanie Bartz; Karen Hartman; Theo Haynes, recorder; Sam McDonald; Andrew Ruggiero.

1) RefWorks Visibility (Au)

a) Refworks will be placed in the left menu, as the second entry in the second group under How Do I and above Searchpath, in all caps: REFWORKS

The header on its own page will be in mixed case as is their logo/name: RefWorks.

b) There will be a link to Citation Linker on the Find Articles > Indexes & Databases page, as item 3, under RefWorks.

2) Finding Aids (Au)

Au and Jeris Cassel will discuss the current Finding Aids pages. Class/course specific pages may be eliminated. Finding Aids could point to 3 campus class/course guide pages. Au and a representative from the Instructional Services Committee will decide what to do to keep a set up so that campuses can submit such pages for posting. Currently Camden and Newark have such pages and New Brunswick needs some parallel page.

3) Indexes & Databases assigned: (McDonald)

There was some discussion of the impact of JerseyClicks vs. NJKI ownership on RUL index holdings.

4) Top Level Panels (Au)

Top level pages for Delivery & Interlibrary Loan  will  change  after  August  1  (since  the meeting this date has been adjusted to August 15) when Ariel will change to ILL Manager. Judy Gardner will be revising the D&ILL page as a result.

Stephanie will ask Bob Warwick why the Search Reserves box was removed from the IRIS and Other Catalogs page.

Theo will contact John Gibson about broken links at the end of the E-Reserves tutorial. This will need to be revised after late August with new IRIS screens. She will also remind him to remove the library open book logotype on the RULibraries button on the Robeson library page.

No change needed for Research Resources.

Borrowing needs to be reviewed by Judy Gardner.

Faculty Services page needs links for Camden & Newark for Visiting Scholars and New Faculty. Judy will be asked to provide these.

Au will contact ISC about revision of the Instructional and Tutorial pages.

Au will talk to JEB about the location of LibQual.

5) Webmaster Report (McDonald)

Sam, as webmaster, redid the Google search for RUL pages. CSC custom search engine. In Staff pages, it only searches those pages. From main search it can search any number of domains, including staff. NBL pages are not included.

Has the Handbook of Latin American Studies changed to a free resource?

Shaping a Life is gone and has been removed from the libraries' sites.

Progress is being made on changing the Identity banners.

Relevant NBL pages are being moved to Access Services domain and are being revised in the process.

6) No Systems Report (Hoover absent)

7) No Instruction Report (Haynes)

8) IPAC Report (Bartz)

IPAC is working on developing a new look for IRIS that will more closely reflect the Rutgers visual identity.

Upcoming changes to the delivery/request system will necessitate changes in IRIS. There will be a new "ILL" button added to the black button bar, and the request buttons that appear to the right of each record will change. New buttons will be labelled "Book Delivery/Recall," "Article Delivery," and "Book Special Request." Changes will be in place by August 15.

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