Minutes of September 17, 2007 Meeting

Au, Sam McDonald, Rebecca Gardner, Stephanie Bartz, Bob Nahory Laura Mullen, Dave Hoover(recorder)
Valeda Dent

1) A Brief Look Ahead (and a welcome to our new AUL)(Dent)

Need to look ahead as to where the website is going. Get feedback on usability (possibly run a study). Lead to a possible website redesign. Ask can users find what they need and discuss possible design flaws that may be making it harder. Once issues are known propose solutions. Valeda has had experience in doing this type of work at both Michigan and Hunter. Make sure that links that users need are near the top. Will require knowing classes of users and seeing if one presentation is sufficient for all. Valeda asked how many web pages we manage? Not counting News and Staff pages their are 700+ . A more detailed discussion of how to proceed will take place in future meetings.

2) Finding Aids and Class Guides (Au)

Background: review recommendations from ISC.
Expected outcome: implement appropriate changes.

Instructional Services met and existing Finding Aids page can come down. It will be replaced to a more streamlined version. Guides to certain formats or sub collections and course specific guides will be removed. The page for "Tests and Measurements" will become a full research guide. After a review by WAC of all remaining links on the Finding Aids page the following was decided:

Special Collections University Archives info will move to its site page; Government Documents will move to Alexander page; Scholarship will become a full research guide; Foreign Newspapers will become subpage under Newspapers; Contemporary Playwrights will become a full research guide.

That leaves the Class guides. Camden and Newark ones will be linked to from the Instructional Services Learning tools for Students page. Right now Newark class guides reside on another server in Newark, so they are not picked up by our Search Website link. Au and Natalie will work to get them moved to the RUL website where they will be searchable.

New Brunswick Class guides will be constructed by Instructional Services. Public ones will go to the RUL website. Private ones will go to the Sakai site.

3) Indexes and Databases (McDonald)

Background: determine status of database description review.
Expected outcome: distribute new assignments for database description review.

4) World Language Translation project

Background: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/pub_serv/world_lang/world_lang.shtml
Expected outcome: consider options for placement of new content.

Ryan Womak sent out a page asking for people to write a translation of a welcoming page for foreign users. The pages are not done yet, but 6 languages are close to completion. Talked briefly about where we would link to these pages. It is requested that it be on the top level web page. We have limited places available on the top page, down in the footer was deemed too low, to the right of the News column would scroll off the screen, under the initial pictures (links would be lost with any scroll over action taken in left menu), maybe under the black stripe on the top of the page? Placement and presentation will be formed by how many links to how many languages will be required. We will wait on further action from the task force.

5) Webmaster Report (McDonald)

Expected outcome: information sharing.

Web page changes made for the new Illiad ILL service that is replacing ILL Manager.

New hours and news pages posted.

We will be looking to implement Drupal as a CMS to help manage content on our website. Sam has been reviewing the manual and modules available in Drupal to see how they can be used at RUL. The first project will be to get the Indexes list and Research Guides created in Drupal.

6) Systems Report (Hoover)

Expected outcome: information sharing.

Asked if any one knew for sure the status of using MINES to survey users about database usage. Consensus was to followup with Jeanne directly on this. Contact was made with the proxy support person and his response was that the preliminary work he did with this is not recommended for other sites. He will be meeting with ARL in Nov 2007 to try to work out a better solution. This inoframtion was shared with Jeanne B.

It was mentioned that Newark Law is now running their own version of EZProxy and that they are now proxying Hein Online. This should put to rest the long standing open questions as to whether we should proxy this resource, since it is not our own and we did not negotiate the license for it.

7) Instruction Report (Haynes)

Expected outcome: information sharing.

Covered above in talk about finding aids.

8) IPAC Report (Bartz)

Expected outcome: information sharing.

Figuring out parameters for a New Books List to be generated from IRIS. A test run should 13,000 new item for a 2 week period. To do it in Sirsi may require the marking and unmarking of records with a status flag of new, this may lead to it being an external list posted on the RUL website, instead of inside Sirsi. Once the list has been narrowed down and redesigned, it will come back to WAC for link placement.

Links for the new Illiad ILL service went in place in IRIS.

9) Other Announcements (all)

Question was raised about the new Web Services group that was formed. It wasn't clear how that groups work would or would not impact what our group does. It was briefly explained that the group consists of Ann M., Ron J, Shaun E., Sam M., Choong, and Chad M. Their main focus will be on applied programming to augment the website. Some things to be looked at RSS feeds, Drupal integration, BookRoom, a Library People database. Tracking and oversight of things that need to be accomplished to enhance the website.

Question as to when RUcore was going live. Was it Oct 1 or not? We have already determined placement of the link on the website. Some discussion centered on whether we should be using Institutional Repository or Community Repository on our web pages. We will await word from the CyberInfrastaructure committee as to what word to use and when it should go live.

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