Minutes of January 28, 2008 Meeting

Ka-Neng Au (Chair), Sam McDonald, Rebecca Gardner, Laura Mullen (recorder), Karen Hartman, Bob Nahory, Stephanie Bartz (remote), Valeda Dent Theo Haynes (videoconference)

1. Front Page Images

New images were considered for the front page. Photos with contemplative reader (cropped) and group from SCC were chosen. LSM photos have not come through yet.

2. RUcore

Rebecca reviewed the status of the placement of RUcore on the website prior to the soft rollout on Feb. 18th. RUcore will appear under Research Resources on the gray bar. Site index entries will appear under RUcore, Repository, and Rutgers Community Repository. Decision needed on RUcore placement in Faculty Services, and recommendation is to place it above Copyright for now. WAC will await further instruction on the exact date of visibility of RUcore on the website

3. How do I?

Should we include categories for how to find employment in RU libraries in this category? Suggestion to include information on open faculty and staff lines was discussed, but how would we also include information for potential student employees? WAC reviewed places where jobs are already listed at present. Does this category fit with the purpose of the "How do I" section? WAC felt that this type of information should be easier to find, but not necessarily in that particular section of the website. Au will respond to the requester.

4. Building and Service Hours

Au distributed copy of sheet from Excel showing what is possible in terms of displaying hours by building. Currently, libraries with multiple service points may need more detail. Sam provided a mockup of a spreadsheet that will provide information by building for all days throughout the semester, including spring break and exam period. There would be a separate PDF for each unit's specific hours. There is a feeling that the pages are too complicated. Various "hours and directions" pages were discussed, and efficacy of current arrangement of information analyzed. Is changing this information under WAC's purview? Someone would have to collate all the data and send PDFs to Sam if this approach is formalized. Sam will provide a mockup and WAC will discuss further.

5. Virtual Reference

Meebo widget from the demo page discussed. The widget will be visible to users from 7-10 p.m. Thurs. to Sunday. PSC is aware of the placement. Consolidation of AAL FAQs was discussed. One is more streamlined and puts all types of reference assistance types together.

6. Indexes and Databases

List that Sam distributed on Dec.6th, as well as a new group of descriptions was shared. There are many outstanding descriptions that need to be done.

7. Webmaster Report

Web Services is working with Drupal, and it will be sufficient for use with our website. Public demonstration is forthcoming, and information has been shared with PSC and TSC. Sam explained how Drupal might work for our website.


Still working on the new books display.

9. Usability Study of the Website

Feedback has been solicited from staff and librarians, and a SCILS class will be charged to look at the website. Valeda shared some of the comments received as feedback (RUL Website Feedback-Problem Areas). Valeda discussed the method and purpose of the usability study. The SCILS class would do the usability analysis, and it would be up to RUL to make recommendations and take any possible action. The pilot will go forward, and there will be no cost to RUL. The protocol used will be Neilsen(usability expert) and some others. Valeda will bring updates from the SCILS process back to WAC.

Respectfully submitted,
Laura Bowering Mullen

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