Minutes of February 18, 2008 Meeting

Ka-Neng Au (Chair), Stephanie Bartz, Rebecca Gardner, Karen Hartman, Dave Hoover, Sam McDonald, Andrew Ruggiero (Recorder)

1. Changes to the Faculty Services Page

The group discussed the implications of adding a new header on the faculty services page regarding policies covering the research assistants borrowing card.

The group also decided the current faculty page will need a TOC to help users navigate the growing amount of content available on the page.

2. Building and Service Desk Hours

Au unveiled the demo page for the building and service desk hours. There were minor wording changes recommended by the committee. The data, which is listed in tabular form via PDF, will most likely go live on the RUL site in summer.

3. Index and Database Descriptions (McDonald)

A new group of descriptions was shared among the group. Sam reminded the committee of the outstanding descriptions that need to be completed.

4. Webmaster Report (McDonald)

Sam reported had spent some time preparing for the Meebo rollout and is continuing his research into Drupal features and functionality.

5. Systems Report (Hoover)

Dave is working on 'connect' buttons and proxy issues related to the new RUL toolbar extension.

6. Instruction Report (Au for Haynes)

Reported ISC had met with a representative from Kognito to discuss possible modules to be developed for all of RUL, by that company or another.

7. IPAC Report (Bartz)

Stephanie reported that IPAC is working on modifying the IRIS query result display screen that will display the item type and whether the item circulates. This change should go live in summer.

8. RUCore

RUCore will go live on the main RUL site by the 26th of February.

9. Virtual Reference

Stephanie reported her first night on Ask-A-Librarian Live duty was very busy. Stephanie cited a few ways in which the service might be improved, including window management and automated 'busy' messages for patrons waiting in a queue.

10. Other Business

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