Minutes of March 17, 2008 Meeting

K. Au (chair), S. Bartz (recorder), V. Dent, R. Gardner, K. Hartman, T. Haynes (remote), S. McDonald, L. Mullen, R. Nahory
D. Hoover
A. Ruggiero

1) Proposals from Camden

The Robeson Library site includes several features that WAC has been asked to consider for incorporation into the main RU Libraries site:

Au will send a response to Gary Golden. Members of WAC are asked to review the Robeson site from home to inform future discussions on these features.

2) Website Usability Study

The SCILS class distributed surveys to a target group of 20 people and has had a good response rate. They may send out additional surveys if they decide it would be beneficial to have additional responses.

The survey is long and includes questions about IRIS as well as the website. The class is now in the process of collating the results in order to determine which areas of the site they'll focus on. Initial feedback indicates that there are many usability issues. A more in-depth report will be given when the study is complete.

3) Indexes and Databases

A list of database descriptions that remain outstanding was distributed to the WAC list last week.

New assignments for database descriptions:

4) Webmaster Report

Sam has been working with Drupal and doing general updating including:

Information is still needed regarding the change to International Pharmaceutical Abstracts and a question that came in about Index to Legal Periodicals.

The SCC domain and RUcore will be added to the RU Libraries site search.

The NJKI logo is still on the website even though funding for the databases for the remainder of the fiscal year is internal. Au will consult Cabinet to determine whether the logo should be removed.

5) Systems Report

No report.

6) Instruction Report

No report.

Theo will consult ISC about the status of Finding Aids and the instruction pages.

7) IPAC Report

IPAC is still working on the new books list and the changes to IRIS that will need to follow implementation of the recommendations from the Item Type Task Force. Both issues are likely to impact the website later in 2008.

8) Other Announcements

Ron Jantz will be asked to attend the April WAC meeting to talk about the content management system that is expected to be rolled out in the fall. Drupal is essentially a disintermediation tool which will allow people to edit their own pages. It will also allow information to be tagged so that it can be arranged more easily rather than being hard coded.

There's been no resolution to the question of who will collate building and service desk hours for posting on the Libraries site. Implementation may have to be postponed until the fall. The topic will be discussed further at the next WAC meeting.

Next meeting: Tentatively scheduled for April 14 - WAC members are asked to email Au regarding their availability.

Next recorder: Gardner

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