Minutes of May 19, 2008 Meeting

Ka-Neng Au (Chair), Stephanie Bartz, Rebecca Gardner (recorder), Karen Hartman, Dave Hoover, Sam McDonald, Andrew Ruggiero
Ron Jantz

1) Web Services and Drupal (Jantz)

Ron Jantz led a discussion as to how WAC and the newly formed Web Services group might work together. Ron stated that Web Services focuses on content management and database technology for the RUL website and also works on issues beyond the RUL website such as converting projects that use PHP 4 to PHP 5 (for example the Medieval Early Modern Data Bank, Camdenbase, open access journals, bookroom, etc.) Ron reviewed WAC's charge vis-a-vis that of Web Services and does not think they are redundant. He suggested that WAC could perform system testing of new releases of software, such as Drupal, that support the RUL webpages. The first release is scheduled for August and would render all Indexes and Databases pages in Drupal. The second release is planned for October and would convert the subject research guides, the "people database" and other directories. The third release for further refinements would be in January 2009.

Concerns arose as to how much time testing would take. The first release (Indexes and Databases) seems straightforward, although August is a busy time for selectors who are dealing with budget crunch issues and some people may be on vacation. October is also quite hectic with BI sessions and budget management. It might be wise to have research guide "owners" test their own pages. WAC expressed interest in being involved earlier than just the testing phase so that members could be aware of what was needed from them and possibly provide helpful feedback before code freezes. Other questions were whether WAC will continue to exist with its current charge once we shift to the two council model, and whether it might be appropriate to have a "testing" group composed of people throughout the libraries that could come together as necessary.

Discussions as to how WAC and Web Services will collaborate are expected to continue.

2) Web Site Development

a. Emeriti webpage (Hartman)

WAC reviewed the new services for emeriti page prepared by Karen. It was suggested that headers for major categories of information be created at the top of the page. The page will be linked from the Faculty Services page. It was agreed the table of contents and corresponding information on the Faculty Services page should be listed in alphabetical order.

b. IRIS guide (Bartz)

IPAC would like to include the IRIS guide as a link under the IRIS Quick Search boxes. It was agreed to place it as the last link, under Reserves.

c. RUL Toolbar

Discussed placement of new RUL Toolbar instructions. Agreed to include a link to it as the last item under Research Resources, as well as adding a link alphabetically on the Faculty Services page. Will also be included in several spots in the site index. Back path would be to Research Resources.

d. RUL Report

Discussed RUL Report demo page. Agreed to remove RUL Report logo which seemed too large and also redundant to the title of the page. Au will contact Harry Glazer for an introductory paragraph and inquire about missing issues.

3) Indexes and Databases Description Revisions (McDonald)

This month's list of indexes and databases in need of description page reviews was distributed. WAC members will either update the descriptions in their areas, or contact the subject selector to revise.

4) Webmaster Report (McDonald)

Sam is working with various groups on the staff pages. He is spending a lot of time on Drupal issues. He's also doing some coding for the help files for the digital object workflow management system.

5) Systems Report (Hoover)

Dave is working on Drupal server issues and on the IRIS conversion to Oracle. He is going to change the behavior of the "Connect" button on the Indexes and Databases so that if someone from off campus tries to connect without first having logged in to the RUL webpages with their net id, they will be prompted to log in to the proxy at that point, rather than be taken to the vendor's site and given a misleading error message.

6) Instruction Report (Haynes)

No Report.

7) IPAC Report (Bartz)

Nothing relevant to Report.

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