Minutes of July 21, 2008 Meeting

Ka-Neng Au, Rebecca Gardner, Karen Hartman (recorder), Dave Hoover, Sam McDonald,
Ryan Womack

1. World Languages Project (Womack)

R. Womack provided an update on this project. A welcome text, which is a combination of the current users/visitors guides, has been completed in four languages: French, Spanish, Chinese simplified, and Chinese traditional. Two other language guides are in process: Portuguese and Italian. The links in these documents are to English language materials that explain basic library services. The Committee discussed placement of the links for the four completed documents. Placement under the News & Events box on the homepage was determined to be most efficacious. Sam will mock up a demonstration page for review. Expected rollout is for the fall semester.

2. WAC's Goals and Direction

Discussion continued on the Committee's goals/directions. We will continue to report to the AUL for Research and Instructional Services; WAC will provide advice on Drupal matters, usage and usability.

3. Transition to Drupal (McDonald)

The Committee reviewed the draft Drupal description page. The order of the fields on the description was discussed and suggestions for changes were made. Field labels were also changed to be more user friendly. S. McDonald will provide a testing rubric and WAC members will test the new description pages by our next meeting, August 11.

4. Systems Update (Hoover)

The databases "connect" button will now prompt the off-campus user to login if s/he has not already done so via the homepage. Prompts will also occur with IRIS, CitationLinker, Find Reserves and the A-Z journal list.

The Committee also discussed changing "Not Logged In" to "Login". Further action may be taken on this issue. Also, Au will have the "How do I.connect from campus?" edited to have the commercial Internet Service Provider option listed first, and dial-up, second.

Respectfully submitted: K. Hartman

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/web_advisory/minutes/wacmin_08_07_21.shtml
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