Minutes of November 17, 2008 Meeting

Ka-Neng Au, Stephanie Bartz, Valeda Dent Goodman, Rebecca Gardner, Karen Hartman, Dave Hoover, Tom Izbicki, Sam McDonald, Inma Megia, Robert Nahory, Tao Yang (recorder)

1. "Find Articles"

Gardner commented that "Find Articles" on the RUL home page is a misnomer because the A-Z list includes many databases other than article index and fulltext databases. The group then looked more closely at the pages under "Find Articles". One is the "General and Multidisciplinary" page (http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/indexes/general/general.shtml) and the group decided to add two more database categories on that page -- "Biographical Information" and "Book Reviews". Gardner will also draft a revision of the one-sentence description under the heading "Indexes and Articles" on both the "Find Articles" page (http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/indexes/findarticles.shtml) and the "Research Resources" page (http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/rr_gateway/researchresources.shtml). The group also reviewed the placement of NJKI logo on the database A-Z list. The group approved adding a small logo after the name of every NJKI-funded database and removing the large logo on the top of A-Z list.

2. Ethnographic Study

Dent Goodman summarized the follow-up meeting with Dr. White and affirmed her desire to conduct an ethnographic study of Rutgers library users with his help, pending the availability of funding.

3. Learning Tools

The group compared the mockup of the Learning Tools page and discussed the inconsistencies with other pages. McDonald will fix the inconsistencies.

4. Drupal Implementation

The issue of adding "Biographical Information" and "Book Reviews" was discussed in item 1.

5. Webmaster Report

McDonald met with the Network Resources Team and discussed with them his proposal to classify each resource into primary, secondary, tertiary resources. The Network Resources Team accepted the proposal and will call on the subject specialists to work on databases in their own areas. Then he demonstrated the Diversity page. The group suggested that the title of the page change to "Diversity Resources" and it be placed above "Human Resources" on the "About the Libraries" page. McDonald will also ask Marilyn Wilt to provide a one-sentence description. He also announced several forthcoming databases and will email the RULeveryone list when they become available.

The group then discussed the issue related to electronic reference titles. Bartz will work on the text for the e-reference list. She also proposed to remove the links to individual encyclopedias from the database A-Z list and add "see Electronic Reference Sources" instead and remove Gale and Sage from the "Forthcoming Database" list, which the group approved.

6. Systems Report

There was an incident of server shutdown due to too many files being open at the same time; in order to allow the New Books feature to run, Hoover will increase the limit of maximum file number from 256 to 2000. Also, regarding the Drupal implementation, the Systems Department is working on swapping servers with SCC because SCC currently has a faster server.

7. OPAC Report

Bartz reported on the development of the New Books feature in IRIS. This feature will have four lists: one for books (sorted by LC call numbers), one for government documents (sorted by SuDocs numbers), one for media (sorted in alphanumeric sequence), and one for e-resources (sorted by title). Bob Warwick will mockup the page. The textual descriptions needed on the page are being developed.

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