Minutes of March 16, 2009 Meeting

K. Au (chair), S. Bartz (recorder), R. Gardner, K. Hartman, D. Hoover, T. Izbicki, S. McDonald, R. Nahory, T. Yang
J. Cassel

1) Directory of Open Access Journals

Helen Hoffman submitted a request to have the Directory of Open Access Journals (http://www.doaj.org/) cataloged in IRIS and added to the indexes A to Z list. The committee agreed that it could appropriately be added to the alpha list (both under Directory and under Open Access) and to the subject pages under General & Multidisciplinary: Journals. Helen will be asked to write the description.

2) Library slogan

After a final review of the demo pages, it was decided that the font color for the slogan should be blue (to match the headers on other pages); the em dash should also be removed in favor of a shorter dash.

3) Drupal implementation

The indexes and databases descriptions have all been moved over to Drupal and links have been changed throughout the website. The NJKI logo does not currently appear on the relevant description pages, but will be included in the next release.

The subject lists of primary, secondary, and tertiary databases may also be included in the next Drupal release. The breakdowns for two subjects, nursing and urban studies, are still outstanding. Au will contact Ann Watkins about nursing; Karen Hartman will do urban studies. The display format for the subject breakdowns will have primary, secondary, and tertiary as bold subheadings without preceding bullets. The database lists will use the same square blue bullets that are used on other pages.

The Who's Who directory is still in progress.

4) Webmaster Report

Sam has been working extensively on the initial rollout of Drupal and doing general updating including:

5) Systems Report

ResNet - Due to the recent problems with ResNet and remote access to library resources, ALL Rutgers IP address ranges are now being given to vendors. Dave Hoover and Cathy Pecoraro are still working to identify all of the vendors who need to be contacted.

Servers - A server group met and made recommendations for the purchase of new servers, UPS batteries, air conditioning, machine room expansion, etc. UPS batteries and an upgrade to the web server were part of the recommendations for this fiscal year.

Drupal - Some Drupal related errors have shown up in the logs, but none that are being reported by users. IRIS links from within database descriptions do not include the proxy string to prompt automatic login.

IRIS - The links in the Library Information section in the upper right corner of the IRIS screen are no longer set to associate with the proxy. Previously, if you were not already logged in, selecting one of the links would prompt you to do so even though it sent you to a page that is freely accessible. Selecting one of the links no longer produces a login prompt, but will also not retain your connection to the proxy if you are already logged in.

DIG - The Database Interface Group met for the first time to begin looking at database defaults and the continuing development of SearchLight.

6) IPAC Report

The response to the "This just inů" pages has been positive.

IPAC is beginning to look at the new features that became available with the recent upgrade to Symphony 3.2.1.

7) Ethnographic Study

Comments on the draft survey were due by Friday, March 13. The Core Team will finalize the survey this week so it can be set up in SurveyMonkey for staff testing.

Tao will review the feedback and ask Ken Kuehl to develop a new version of the "21 days" calendar pages.

8) Other Announcements or Updates

Sam suggested that we begin reviewing other ARL sites to find good and bad features to be considered in the eventual redesign of the RU Libraries site. Site requirements (e.g., accessibility, visual identity, etc.) should also be considered. Sam will set up a Sakai site for WAC to use for future discussions of these and other topics.

VALE has hired a developer to redesign their website using Drupal. The group looked at the sample pages.

Next recorder: Gardner

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