Minutes of January 25, 2010 Meeting

Au (chair), McDonald, Bartz, R. Gardner (recorder), Izbicki, Hartman, Cassel, Hoover, J. Gardner, Springs, Anderson, Nahory.

Au opened the meeting by welcoming Katie Anderson to the committee.

1) RUL Acronyms and Abbreviations

Training and Learning Committee has developed a page of RUL abbreviations and acronyms and asked WAC to suggest placement on our webpages. Decided to add as last link on side bar of Staff Resources main page. Marilyn will announce via "RUL-everyone" once posted. Some individual acronyms or abbreviations may be added to the Site Index. Contact Stephanie with suggestions.

2) Group Study Rooms

Sam will create a "pull out" image that will be posted on the Hours and Directions page and on the Libraries and Centers page. Clicking on the image will lead to the Group Study Room Locations Page. Sam will begin with a picture of a study room from Dana, and will follow up with Harry to get another picture of a study room (so we have 1 for each page). Might consider adding a "How do I…find a group study room?" Discussion led to consideration of rearranging/consolidating the "How do I..?" page for better clarity. Links on the page could be reordered or broken up into groups. Keywords could be highlighted and the links alphabetized by keyword. Sam will mock up some samples.

3) Webmaster Report

Added Katie to WAC committee on staff pages, email and sakai site. Contacted Harry regarding two of the library links on the University pages; the Searchpath information and URL need to be switched to the new RIOT tutorial, and something different should be highlighted in the Special Collections section. Added "counting opinions" page curl and pop up to several other pages on the RUL website. Revised the "alerts" band and sent a message to Systems so that they know how to put it up when necessary. Will only be used for major announcements such as when IRIS is down for long periods. Many media pages have been updated to reflect changes resulting from the relocation of the Media Center from Klimer to Douglass. Shared that specific collections from RUcore can be embedded in research guides. See "Rutgers Classical Texts Archive", under Electronic Texts and Images section of the Classics Research Guide, for an example. Drupal release expected on February 16th.

4) Systems Report

Installing new server. There have been reports of Zotero proxy failing. Firefox plug-ins that users have installed may affect Zotero. Chris is looking at LDAP functions in IRIS. Some WAC members commented that the website has been behaving slowly. Should report such incidents, including time of day, etc., to Systems.

5) IPAC Report

Reserves quick search is being reinstated, maybe by next month.

6) DIG Report

New "Get it at R" icon is live in EBSCO databases. Will eventually be added to all databases. In response to comments gleaned from the ethnographic study, changes are being made to the Article Linker screen to make the page a bit easier to use. SIRSI has made it a little easier to be flexible in terms of changing the information in Article Linker. Many more databases are being added to Searchlight. Nonfunctioning databases are being removed. DIG will be looking at the Searchlight searchbox.

7) Other Announcements

Office of the President recently announced "Refworks/COS", which is a search tool for grant funding opportunities. Although the title is a bit of a misnomer, the resource should be made available to graduate students and faculty on our webpages, perhaps on the Scholarship, Fellowship and Funding Information Resources subject guide.

Judy stated that the Core Group from the ethnographic project met in December and reviewed comments received from the study. Jeanne projects that by the end of January a final report will be submitted which will lead to planning for a redesign of the libraries website. At this point, the Core Group has disbanded and the Design team will take over from here. There will perhaps be a small design team composed of WAC and Web Services team members.

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/web_advisory/minutes/wacmin_10_01_25.shtml
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